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Sales teams aren’t robots—that’s a good thing 

But they need to configure quotes and price deals with robotic precision and speed.

There's no room for error...

Especially when you're constantly trying to do more with less. You need a solution to help your sales team achieve robotic-like precision and speed. With a CPQ tool, you can automate the complex processes that often weigh down sales teams, like memorizing every product configuration, understanding pricing rules, and more. By streamlining these tasks, you can help your sales team focus on what really matters—building relationships and closing deals. 

How CPQ augments your sales team

Transform your revenue lifecycle with Conga CPQ 

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Product selection

Quickly search for desired products or services based on features and options—or, be guided to the correct product through pre-defined questions that direct the user.

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Complex product configuration 

Conga CPQ provides a robust set of capabilities for product configuration that leaves no configuration concept out—every rule-based configuration idea you can think of is supported.  

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Pricing and promotion optimization 

Utilizing a sophisticated pricing engine, users can define multiple price types (one-time, recurring, cancellation, etc.) for any product.    

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Subscription management 

Manage subscription sales the way customers want with automated renewal management and the flexibility to adjust subscriptions based on customer preferences.  

See how Conga CPQ can help your team 

Conga CPQ helps your sales reps drives larger, more profitable orders through accurate and efficient quoting and pricing, no matter the complexity.