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Minimize risk, maximize 
contract value

Harness the power of AI to extract 
critical insights from your financial 
contracts and manage risk exposure. 

What can contract intelligence do for you? 

Centralized data repository

Quickly find information about any agreement with contextual search and customizable dashboards. 

Advanced insights

Get automated alerts ahead of date-driven events and risk reports to pinpoint areas of concern. 

Contract analytics

See how specific contract terms affect your business and which customers are most valuable. 

Automated efficiency

Eliminate manual data entry and search. Automate key tasks and get instant answers to critical questions. 

The Conga difference

These statistics from Conga customers reveal significant improvements in forecasting, win rates, and reductions in human effort and negotiation times. Conga customers consistently achieve enhanced business outcomes.


contract accuracy with attorney verification


less time in human effort


improvement on forecasting accuracy


win rate


capacity increase


negotiation cycle time

Transform static documents into valuable data 

Conga Contract Intelligence automatically extracts legal language from account agreements, loan documents, insurance contracts and more. It transforms that data into proactive alerts and actionable tasks, so you never miss an obligation or opportunity. 

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Identify opportunity and risk hidden in your contracts

With contract intelligence, financial firms can quickly analyze and act on massive contract portfolios. Advanced machine learning organizes key terms and clauses into a centralized, searchable database so you can confidently track obligations, mitigate risk, and get the most out of every contract. 

Drive business outcomes with contract intelligence 

Managing renewals

With Conga Contract Intelligence, legal teams reclaim valuable time. Easily understand the fundamentals of a contract—the parties, who it’s for, when it begins/ends, and steps to renew or terminate. 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Run due diligence to ensure successful M&As, identifying risk, exposure, and revenue. Conga’s package highlights clauses such as Assignability, Audit Rights, Confidentiality, Governing Law, and more.   

Price increases

Conga Contract Intelligence easily allows you to identify which contracts permit price increases at certain intervals of time, whether they are capped, and whether increases require consent. 

Answer big-picture questions in an instant

Contract intelligence puts meaningful insights at your fingertips, so you can answer complex business questions without hours of manual searching. Stop wondering about notification requirements, outstanding premiums, and at-risk loans—and get the answers you need. 

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The right tool for better contracting

Curious about how our contract intelligence solution works? Take a closer look at how Conga helps financial services organizations harness the power of AI to mitigate exposure and risk, close compliance gaps, manage contract obligations, and seize every opportunity for revenue.  

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One of the ways [Conga] Contract Intelligence saves us money is by catching auto-renewals. It more than pays for itself with this along.

Joe Danganan
General Counsel

Leverage the power of AI for your financial institution

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