Automated document management software

Drive revenue lifecycle management processes by communicating critical information and essential data with Conga Composer—a complete, automated digital document generation solution.

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Get the most out of your documents

Create automated, accurate, and on-brand documents that are always on point so your team can focus on more important work. 

Improve efficiency

Streamline and automate document creation processes, speed up business cycles, and increase responsiveness to customers.

Save more time

Generate documents faster with automation to create or send documents en masse without any clicks via Salesforce workflow rules.

Ensure brand consistency

Standardize your documents by sending consistent, personalized documents to elevate your brand and delight customers.

Tools for seamless document generation

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Document creation

Generate documents with personalized templates that address almost any use case in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .PDFs, or HTML emails—all within the Salesforce UI.

Merge data

Merge dynamic data from standard or custom Salesforce objects or from external data sources to automate document generation and expedite your business process.

Conditional generation

Conditionally display sections of a document, group data, and calculate formulas according to business rules.

Delivery options

Receive real-time engagement notifications when a document has been viewed—including who has viewed it and for how long.

Workflow and notifications

Automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks, and update fields, and receive real-time notifications when a document has been viewed—including who has viewed it and for how long.


Trigger Conga Composer solutions to automate document generation with Salesforce workflow rules. Batch and schedule automation solutions to increase operational efficiency.

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Document generation for every interaction

Transformation starts here. Accelerate your processes, and take document generation to the next level with Conga Composer.

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