Electronic signatures (or “eSignatures”) are legally valid in Cambodia, but they are not widely used. There is no law or regulation specifically governing the use of electronic signatures in Cambodia. 

  • eSignature overview

    Electronic signatures are rarely used in Cambodia, as the practical and legal expertise surrounding them is still limited. 

    There is no law or regulation that expressly allows or prohibits electronic signatures in Cambodia. Sub-Decree No. 246 on Digital Signatures, which was enacted in 2017, lays out specific requirements for certificate-based digital signatures, but does not discuss requirements or restrictions on simple electronic signatures.  

  • Common eSignature use cases 

    Cambodian law does not explicitly specify or restrict when electronic signatures can be used. 

  • Use cases where eSignature is not appropriate 

    Cambodian law does not explicitly specify or restrict when electronic signatures can be used. 

  • Technology standards in Cambodia 

    The requirements for electronic signature technology vary significantly between countries. Cambodian law does not require the use of specific technology for electronic signature, nor does it recognize different types of electronic signature. Other countries—particularly those in the EU, South America, and other parts of Asia—follow tiered eSignature models that may require specific technical requirements and/or independent accreditation by a local certification body. 

The information on this site is for general education and informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide and should not be considered legal advice. Laws pertaining to electronic signatures may change quickly, so Conga cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this site. Consult with a licensed attorney for answers to any specific legal questions on this topic. 

Last updated: 09/09/2021 

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