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Accelerate the pace of business.

Build intelligence into your documents and contracts.

Use applied AI to make your contracts alive and accessible. Analyze your contracts to learn what you need to know easily, and so fast you can hardly believe it. Then leverage that information to speed up how your business runs and improve productivity.

Gain visibility. Ensure compliance. Decide with data.

Automate a lot of the laborious, manual process you use to analyze contracts and get a quick, accurate read on what’s in your contracts every time. Plus, save valuable time so legal teams can focus on more strategic work.

Say goodbye to siloed, scattered contracts and gain true visibility into all the contracts in your organization. Be ready to respond to the next audit or M&A at a moment’s notice.

Pinpoint contracts that don’t comply with company standards, and then standardize contracts and contract language. Reducing risks and liabilities has never been easier.

And AI Analyze is so smart, it uses not one, but three types of AI to do what it does: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and robotic process automation.

Understanding how AI Analyze works

AI Analyze relies on more than one type of AI to do its job. It understands language in context to analyze contract language and types. AI Analyze learns based on repetition, recognizing information it’s seen before to categorize documents. And it takes care of boring, repetitive tasks like creating, categorizing, and routing documents.

You can set AI Analyze to automatically extract up to 120 key legal and business terms from your documents. 120!

Define the criteria for the clauses and fields that you want Analyze to look for, and you can create your own model rules. With this blueprint, the technology learns what you are looking for faster.

AI Analyze is even smart enough to recognize and analyze contracts that have been printed, photographed, or scanned.

See for yourself.

We’re happy to tell you all about our solutions and how they work. But sometimes seeing is believing. Check out our demo and see the power—and simplicity—of our Digital Document Transformation Suite.

Pricing built for your company.

AI Analyze pricing starts at $18 USD per user per month. 

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Workspace Property Trust used AI Analyze to abstract leases 50% faster and saved 25% of the cost of paying another company to do it manually.