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Automate revenue operations

Salesforce + Conga

Conga is the AppExchange leader for contract management, electronic signature, document generation, and enterprise CPQ

Sell and service faster, easier, and smarter 

Salesforce customers choose Conga to automate business processes with documents and data from Salesforce. Automate key touch points throughout the revenue cycle in Salesforce. Conga’s solutions address all phases of the cycle, from proposing and quoting, then to negotiating and executing on contracts. Next steps enable them to manage and fulfill agreements, followed by renewing and expanding, when the time comes.  

Our products are built on the Salesforce Platform for a seamless user experience.

Conga and Salesforce FAQs

  • How long have Conga and Salesforce been partners? 

    Conga was born on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2006 and Salesforce Ventures is a Conga investor. 

  • Who uses Conga? 

    Any organizations who want to automate processes and documents on Salesforce. Automating business processes, documents, contracts, signatures, and data management lets you focus on customers instead of paperwork. 

  • What documents are created with Conga? 

    Customers use Conga for all types of industry-specific documents throughout the revenue cycle to propose and quote, negotiate and execute, manage and fulfill, renew and expand. 

  • How do I add Conga to Salesforce? 

    Find us on the AppExchange! Conga offers more than 10 apps on the AppExchange. Your Salesforce admin, or over 600 global consulting partners can help you get started.

  • What’s the business outcome? 

    Sell, service, and support faster, easier, and smarter. Enable your employees anywhere to automate revenue operations, reduce operating costs, ensure compliance, avoid errors, and serve customers anywhere. 

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