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Sell from anywhere with Salesforce and Conga

42 min watch


In sales, timing is everything. Getting the right information to your prospects at the right time can mean the difference between securing net new revenue and missing out on a golden opportunity. 

Join us at 9:00am PT, on Wednesday, July 14 for a lively and insightful discussion about how Salesforce Revenue Cloud and Conga can help your team sell faster, more efficiently, and with greater effectiveness by automating key aspects of the sales lifecycle.   


In this on-demand webinar, we'll cover:

  • How you’ll know when your proposal has been read, and when to follow up. 
  • How you can generate accurate, detailed proposals with just a couple of clicks. 
  • Automating your order form, signature, invoice, and renewal for faster closing and shorter time to revenue. 



Presented By:

Greg Fiorindo headshot
Greg Fiorindo
Vice President, Salesforce Revenue Cloud Salesforce
Tiffany Kroner headshot
Tiffany Kroner
Principal Solutions Architect Conga
Doug Gilkey headshot
Doug Gilkey
Vice President, Commercial Sales Conga
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