S3E5: Artificial Intelligence: What is Reality?

33 min listen

What comes to mind when you hear AI? Thanks to Hollywood movies like Terminator and iRobot, there’s a wealth of menacing imagery associated with the term. While entertaining these aren’t an accurate picture of AI in the real world.

As businesses embrace digital technology, AI is becoming more necessary for success. Yet, there are misconceptions abound, and leaders often don’t understand it well enough to implement it in their business. In this episode, we’re going to examine what AI is, what it’s capable of, and how it’s being applied in today’s business landscape.

Experts featured are Ajay Dawar, Product Executive at Conga, Jason Gabbard (gah-BARD), Head of AI Strategy at Conga, Dan Hopkins, Senior Director of Applied AI at eightfold, and Carl Harkness, Contracts Manager for Nimbus Therapeutics.