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S2E1: Turning the Art of Impact into a Science | Carolyn Jungclas

23 min listen

As we begin Season 2 of Agents of Change, we have noticed a common theme that has emerged.

Often, the agents of change we speak with have taken unexpected paths to get to where they are. When it comes to making an impact in your company, there is not one specific blueprint to follow. 

Carolyn Jungclas is the Senior Vice President and Director of Procurement and Vendor Management at First Citizens Bank. She has made some big changes in processes during her time at First Citizens Bank, even though she didn’t have previous history in banking. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Carolyn’s journey, and how her first big project - setting up a vendor risk management program - involved the implementation of a contract management system.

Carolyn sought to implement requirements that don’t simply check a box, but actually make the most sense for those that will be using them most. And sometimes, the answer to that question requires some digging. So, how did she do it?

Carolyn is driven to solve problems, and most importantly, solve problems that make the lives of the people she works with much better. Listen in to hear her story. 

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