S1E3: Building Change that is Meaningful | Steve Stessman

24 min listen

Because change can be difficult and it often impacts more people than we realize, when this week’s guest says he experienced a lot of pushback, that’s probably putting it lightly. 

Steve Stessman is the Vice President of National Retail Sales at Tuff Shed, a company that has been providing building solutions like sheds and garages since 1981. 

In this episode of Agents of Change, you’ll hear about a change so large that it impacted the entire way the company does business, trickling all the way down to customer experience.

Hear how Steve led a digital transformation at Tuff Shed that has not only directly led to more sales and higher revenue but has truly changed the business for the better while improving the experience of every Tuff Shed customer. 

Spoiler alert: these were big changes for an organization that has been around for nearly four decades with a very specific way of doing business. You’ll want to tune in to Steve’s story. 

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