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Customer onboarding automation: welcome new customers with ease 

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A customer’s journey begins after they execute the contract. Make their first 90 days the best experience—starting with how you onboard them.

In this download, we'll cover:

Improving customer onboarding efficiency by 95%
Turning hours correcting errors into a single click
Elevating communication and customer relationships


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Stop wasting resources and time on outdated templates or on manual data input when onboarding new customers. Shrink your margin of error and onboarding time with automated data retrieval and a more seamless document merge process. Your customers won’t have to wonder when they are going to get information about how to get started with your company thanks to Conga’s document automation tools.  

Send the correct documents on time—every single time—and engage your customers in effective communication. Conga solutions offer full transparency and documentation tracking for even the most complex onboarding tasks. Give everyone in your business access to the same information and allow collaboration on key documents. 

Conga’s automated workflow solutions can improve document accuracy, shorten your process time, and modernize your training time. Ultimately, you can deliver a better customer experience through business operations automation.