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Gartner – Market Guide for Revenue Management in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, 2020

10 min read

Conga solves compliance and automates across contracts, orders, incentive compensation management, and revenue recognition.

B2B consumers expect flexibility when it comes to placing orders, managing, terminating, and renewing their business relationships. In order to be easy to work with pre-and-post sale, an integrated approach from sales to fulfillment is needed. With Conga, you can support any business model — including one-time transactions, usage and consumption fees, and subscriptions.

In this download, we'll cover:

How to enable new monetization models and blended business approaches
Why you should always make purchase information available to sales reps, service teams, and customers in real time
How to manage the revenue process on the same data model as quotes and contracts
Viewing order, invoice and revenue recognition details quickly and easily from your preferred CRM solution or customer portal
Generating renewal opportunities with built-in cross-sell and up-sell insights
How to capture in-flight changes as they happen

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