Contract management automation: everything you need to know 

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Learn how your organization can achieve faster, frictionless contract management with Conga’s automation solutions.

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Challenges faced by today’s legal teams
How Conga’s contract management solutions streamline and speed up revenue cycles
Smoother contract processes for more profitable business

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Sustainable, successful business requires a collaborative environment in which teams across the organization can work cross-functionally. But while legal and sales both play an important role in driving business revenue, legal has additional topline priorities and processes that differ from, and can even hinder, sales.  

Specifically, legal has a duty to manage risk. And this can cause friction with sales that results in cumbersome contract processes, slower sales cycles, and missed revenue opportunities. 


Challenges for legal teams 

  1. Disparate systems and limited visibility: Disparate systems mean disjointed workflows and little to no visibility, making it increasingly difficult for legal to collaborate and coordinate with sales and other teams. Manual tasks and operations in Legal's already-complex, siloed environment only make it worse. Creating contracts from scratch every time, writing custom clauses, and traditional redlining processes add more layers of human involvement—and more chances for errors that further slow down the sales cycle.  

  2. Limited staff and budgets: Legal teams face growing workloads, shrinking budgets, and limited staff. Like other teams across the organization, legal is under pressure to contain and even reduce costs wherever possible. And with intense focus on business competitiveness, they’re challenged to make it easier for customers to do business with the organization while also delivering top-quality service. 

  3. Ineffective workflows: Sales does what’s possible to close deals, which might include offering special discounts or other promises that may not be the company’s standard. But legal is responsible for protecting the business from rogue negotiations that give away too much value. Without insight into what sales is doing—and vice versa—it’s necessary for legal to slow everything down while they scrutinize every deal. 


Streamlining and speeding up revenue cycles 

Conga’s solutions help legal teams get out of the mode of sales prevention so they can partner more effectively with sales and other internal teams—without sacrificing the customer experience. The solutions also provide legal with much-needed visibility to stay organized and prevent risk in the short- and long-term.  

Conga’s integrated platform of solutions enables legal teams to:  

  • Collaborate more effectively 

  • Gain visibility from the big picture down to daily priorities 

  • Simplify changes and edits 

  • Speed up approvals 

Conga’s suite of contract lifecycle management solutions for legal teams helps to alleviate that friction by breaking down data silos, eliminating visibility gaps, and dramatically simplifying legal processes to speed up business operations and keep the revenue engine running. 

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