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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) - The heart of your Digital Transformation

60 min watch

Become more efficient and improve revenue with modern CLM 

Join Conga, Amadeus, and IACCM for a webinar on how a CLM solution will help your organization’s legal department become more efficient and improve revenue. In this webinar, you will learn how Amadeus freed its team to focus on higher value tasks by fully aligning billing and incentives with contractual obligations. Conga will demonstrate how leading organizations can achieve their goals with a modern CLM solution.

Contract management is the heart that connects your digital transformation. 83% of legal departments face pressure to improve efficiency and lower costs. Both can be achieved by digitally transforming the contract management process.

In this webinar you’ll get the specifics of how Amadeus was able to achieve success in three key areas:

  1. Improve incentives billing and accuracy & budget process efficiency
  2. Increase revenue from product and services sales & analysis efficiency
  3. Reduce revenue leakage & total cost of ownership