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Think big. Think fast. Think ahead: Commercial operations evolved

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Businesses in start-up mode generally tend to focus on generating sales and building their brand without placing much emphasis on streamlining internal processes and implementing best in class operational tools. That is until it becomes an issue, and at this point processes have already become inefficient, and departments are siloed.

Ensuring that revenue operations processes are pacing with growth of your business and at the same time trying to get a business off the ground (or retrospectively starting a digital transformation journey,) can be a daunting thought for many businesses.

Presented By:

Ash Finnegan headshot
Ash Finnegan
Digital Transformation Officer Conga
Fiorenza Provenzano headshot
Fiorenza Provenzano
International Legal Counsel N-SIDE
Justin Wheatley
Justin Wheatley
Director of Lead to Ledger PhiX Technologies

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