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How to get your Dreamforce steps with Conga's Dream Disco 5K

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Kelli Blystone
Social and Blog Manager Conga
Man running outside

In a “normal” year, we’d be getting ready to make the trip to San Francisco to spend a week with all of our favorite people at Dreamforce. Instead, this year has been anything but normal, and Dreamforce as most of us know it isn’t happening. Those who have spent years past with us at the ThirstyBear know that we love to go big at Dreamforce, with private concerts, delicious food and drinks from our friends at the ThirstyBear, helicopter rides, and everyone’s favorite: our silent disco. Since we can’t dance the night away with you this year, we’re bringing the disco to you.

Without the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco, many of us are missing out on a lot of steps in November—we’re talking tens of thousands of steps per day. With that in mind, and pulling in the spirit of our silent disco, we decided to host a virtual 5K to get people moving! And that’s the key word: move—no running required! 

Join us November 9-12th for our Dream Disco 5K and walk, skip, jump, dance, bike, swim, or climb your way to a 5K—whatever gets you moving is just fine with us. Of course, we’re doing it in Conga style, and adding plenty of exciting details like contests, prizes, and donations to some great nonprofit organizations.

Even if you’ve never experienced Dreamforce with Conga, we could all use a break from our endless Zoom meetings, and we think this is a great way to do just that. So read on to learn how you can get involved and get moving!

Track your activity for a chance to take home swag

We won’t name names, but we know that some of the most dedicated swag collectors will often bring an extra suitcase to Dreamforce just for swag! So we couldn’t have a Dreamforce event without giving away some great Conga goodies. This time, though, we want to see how you’re getting active in order to earn your swag.

We created different categories where you can participate in order to win some great prizes. Once you register for the 5K, you’ll receive daily emails during the event (November 9-12th) with a form where you can submit your activity for the day, as well as photo or video proof! Send us photos and videos of your 5K activities with these categories in mind:

Most Spirit—Speaking of swag, we know a lot of you have collected tons of Conga and Apttus gear at past Dreamforces and other events, so now’s the time to show it off! We’ll send an official Dream Disco 5K medal to the 5K participants who get decked out in the most spirit wear.

Best Costume—Don’t have any branded gear? No problem! Recycle your Halloween costumes or throw on any costume of your choosing before you head out for your run. We’ll send you some socks to add to your next costume if you win in this category!

Best Dancer—We weren’t joking when we said you didn’t have to run in order to participate. Send us photos or videos of your best dance moves for a chance to win portable speakers—then you can dance to your favorite beats anywhere!

Most Social (Shares)—We know there are a lot of social kings and queens out there—now get the hardware to prove it! We’ll send a pair of Beats headphones to participants who can get the most social engagement on their 5K posts. Don’t forget to use the event hashtag, #conga5k, so we can see your posts, and follow along with the event on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

Most Steps—After all, we’re here for the steps, right? See how close you can come to racking up the number of steps you’d normally take in San Francisco during Dreamforce week. We’ll send Conga socks to adorn the feet of those who can show they’ve taken the most steps!

Most Creative—The best part about a virtual 5K? You can be as creative as you’d like when it comes to getting your move on! This challenge is fairly open-ended, so let your imagination run wild and show us how you’re getting creative with your activity. We’ll send portable speakers to the best participants in this category!

Fastest Time—For the classic marathoners out there, we had to throw in a traditional category as well. Show us how quickly you can complete a 5K, and we’ll send an official medal to the fastest participants! 

Best 5K Buddy—All are welcome in this 5K! Bring your kids, pets, friends, and any other buddies we might be forgetting along for the experience and snap some fun photos or videos! We’ll send portable speakers to the best teams.

Best View—Another great feature of the virtual 5K? We get to see how people all around the world are getting their steps! Hike to the top of a waterfall, summit a mountain, or frolic with your dog through a field of flowers—if you think you have the best 5K view, send us your photos and we’ll send socks to our favorites!

You move, we’ll give

We’re upping the ante and using our Dream Disco 5K as a chance to give back to some of our favorite non-profit organizations around the globe. For every person who registers, we'll donate $5 to one of five charities, up to $20k.

Registrants can choose a donation to one of these non-profit organizations:

National Urban League 
The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice. Founded in 1910 and headquartered in New York City, the Urban League collaborates at the national and local levels with community leaders, policymakers and corporate partners across to elevate standards of living for African Americans and other historically underserved groups.

Feed the Children
Feed the Children was established in 1979 with the mission of defeating childhood hunger. Feed the Children is one of the nation's leading anti-hunger organizations, and works to provide food, education initiatives, essentials and disaster response as to help children and their families be independent and self-reliant. Feed the Children works in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and in 10 countries around the world.

Environmental Defense Fund of Europe
Since 1967, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has used a unique combination of science, economics, law and advocacy to evaluate environmental problems, and create and advocate for practical solutions. EDF’s mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends and the organization’s goal is to win lasting support for solutions that are nonpartisan, cost-efficient and fair.

Beyond Blue
Three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. Beyond Blue is Australia’s most well-known and visited mental health organization and provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Beyond Blue has been providing support and services to people in Australia for 20 years.

Cancer Research Institute
Since 1953, the Cancer Research Institute has led the field with support for immunotherapy research and clinical trials. Together with donors, patients, and scientist communities, the Cancer Research Institute continues to fund revolutionary breakthroughs to cure all types of cancer.

When you register for the 5K, you’ll have the chance to select which non-profit org you’d like us to donate to in your name.

How do you 5K?

During the Dream Disco 5K, there’s really no wrong way to 5K. But just in case you’re stumped, we put together some fun ideas and ways to get your steps, and some best practices for keeping your body happy and healthy.

How to prep:

Take time to stretch! Whether you’re an athlete, or just getting moving for the first time in a while, don’t underestimate the importance of a good stretching session! Set aside time before and after your activities to stretch the muscles you’re using.

Hydrate! Like stretching, making sure you’re drinking enough water during your 5K activities is key. Fill up a reusable water bottle and help the earth while you hydrate!

Eat a balanced diet. If you’re Michael Scott, you might think eating a bowl of fettuccine alfredo right before a race is how you “carbo-load.” We recommend making sure you’ve enjoyed a balanced meal to provide the energy you need to exercise—just make sure you allow plenty of time between eating and running.

Wear the right gear. Don’t wind up with blisters thanks to a poor wardrobe choice! Make sure you’ve got the proper attire for whatever activity you choose. Might we suggest a Conga tee? We find they’re great for all types of activities!

Ways to 5K:

Take a Zoom break: Schedule two 30-min breaks during your day to walk around your neighborhood (try including your kids or dogs for the “Best 5K Buddy” award!).

Walk and talk: Conference calls don’t always have to take place in an office! Take a meeting while walking around inside your house, or around the block.

Mini dance party: Get your silent disco on and get your steps at the same time with your own personal dance party — alone or with the fam.

Challenge a friend: Find a workout partner or raise the stakes by creating some friendly competition. Who can complete the 5K the fastest? You or your CEO?

Make sure to send in your activity via the forms in the daily 5K emails—we’ll use this info to give out prizes, and to track the top performers on our leaderboard! You can check in throughout the week to see who’s topping the leaderboard on the event site.

And don’t forget to get social! Share your activities on social media using the event hashtag (#conga5k), and tag Conga if you’d like us to reshare your post! You can find us and follow along with the event on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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