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Workflow and content automation (WCA) continues to grow as a market as more use cases come online to help power digital transformation in the enterprise. Aragon evaluates fourteen key providers that are leading the charge in the WCA market.

In this download, we'll cover:

Why managing content is not enough—and the increased need for automation
The importance of creating documents quickly while eliminating errors and manual paperwork
Why Conga is a Leader in the Digital Documents space for Workflow and Content Automation


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Managing content is not enough: the need to automate 

WCA involves complex document processes including assembly, routing, integration, and workflow both upstream and downstream from the decision, approval, or signature. WCA has until recently only been focused on the early stages of content creation. However, more automation is coming from the review stage of the document lifecycle.  

A simple but powerful way to seamlessly generate and personalize your sales documents is now a must-have in every remote-business starter kit. Conga can get you there. With Conga Composer and Conga Collaborate, we’re a Leader in the Digital Documents space for Workflow and Content Automation, according to Aragon Research*.  

We have the expertise to guide you and help you customize our solutions to your needs. Create documents quickly while eliminating errors and manual paperwork—all with the push of a button. Plus, our powerful integrations with Salesforce, CLM, CPQ, Analytics, and more make our document solutions even more powerful. 

Conga continues to be one of the leading solutions in the Salesforce AppExchange.  

Conga’s contract lifecycle management capabilities, when combined with its quote-to-cash offerings, make it a strong choice for revenue operations teams. 

Read the full report to learn how Conga is helping to drive this feature set. 

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