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Product overview

Conga Contracts

Automate your CLM from creation to signature.
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Your CLM practice deserves an end-to-end contracting solution that accelerates negotiations without compromising on compliance. With Conga Contracts, automation will have you moving at lightning speed throughout each step of the contract lifecycle. Plus, Conga Contracts' reporting capabilities help identify trends and bottlenecks, allowing you to mitigate risks and cut costs, while improving processes along the way. 

Let's take a look from Mandy's point of view. Mandy is a contract manager for Blue Cube who uses Conga Contracts to ensure their master service agreements and statements of work are executed and managed efficiently in align with her organization's standards. To speed up contract creation, Mandy designed a contract template in Microsoft Word and mapped the fields from Conga Contracts to the template. Now with just a few clicks, Mandy can generate a contract based on the details of the deal and quickly send it to her customer for negotiation. 

During negotiation, Mandy can easily view changes made to the contract and take advantage of dashboards and notifications to monitor status. Thanks to Conga Contracts' automation tool, Contract Flow, Mandy manages contract approvals without lifting a finger. And as soon as the contract is approved, Mandy's configured her system to automatically update the status of the contract and send it out for signature with Conga Sign.  

Mandy's executed contracts are no longer stored in rooms full of filing cabinets. Instead, each contract is kept in the document repository. That way, when she needs to reference a contract her entire library is right at her fingertips. And with Conga Contracts’ elastic search capabilities, you can search the actual text of each document in addition to its metadata, allowing you to narrow in on outdated language and clauses. 

Lastly, the Conga Contracts BI Toolbox provides Mandy with a complete reporting and analytics solution, allowing her to narrow in on the data that matters to her organization. She preconfigures analytics dashboards for key roles and defaults them to their homepage. That way these users have quick access to the data they need, from day one. Conga Contracts provides Mandy with the visibility, ease, and control she needs to run an efficient CLM practice. 

Want even more efficiency? Conga Contracts seamlessly integrates with other Conga products, allowing you to leverage the power of Conga's Digital Document Transformation Suite to drive your business and generate revenue.

Take your CLM practice to the next level, with Conga Contracts. 

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