Conga Extends Broader Revenue Lifecycle Management Platform with Open API Approach

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Conga Sign API, Conga Composer API, and Conga CPQ API offers cloud-agnostic solutions for greater flexibility and scalability

BROOMFIELD, COLO. – AUG. 30, 2022 Conga, the global leader in scalable Revenue Lifecycle Management solutions, today announced the general availability of its first of the Revenue Lifecycle Solution open application programming interfaces (APIs) with Conga Sign API, Conga Composer API, and Conga CPQ API. Conga’s API-first approach enables embedding eSignature, document generation, and configure, price, and quote solutions directly into customers’ existing technology and processes with the ability to integrate with any system of record where data lives.

Conga Sign API, Conga Composer API, and Conga CPQ API equip customers for Revenue Lifecycle Management success by offering the best solutions for high-volume document generation, product configuration, pricing and headless commerce, and signing use cases. The APIs empower customers to streamline workflows and attain process optimization while creating a seamless one-stop, branded experience. Conga’s solutions support a wide variety of businesses and are used heavily by regulated and compliance-driven industries.

Conga Sign API, Conga Composer API, and Conga CPQ API can be easily embedded into customers’ own business-critical applications, portals or websites offering the following benefits to businesses of all sizes:

Conga Sign API

With the Conga Sign API, customers can insert enterprise grade eSignature directly into their business-critical applications and experiences, with the capability to solve all complex eSignature use cases including embedded signing, multi-party, advanced signer authentication, multi-language signing, full white label signing, and Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

Customers can simply embed a document for signature using Salesforce or non-Salesforce data that can be filled out by counterparties for a convenient, compliant transaction. These features provide:

  • Greater control and certainty to the signing process
  • A unified branded signing experience for customers
  • The ability to realize higher completion rates, faster time to revenue, and a quicker time to ‘yes’ with the Conga Sign API
  • Increased speed to sign velocity for billing statements, policy renewals, and lease agreements

Conga Composer API

Conga Composer API enables customers to create, track, and manage on-brand, professional looking documents automatically from any website, platform, or application populated with data from any system of record. With Conga Composer API, customers can standardize to a single document generation solution throughout their company, no matter the software being utilized.

Conga Composer API provides an automated document generation experience for customers. Together, these features:

  • Increase speed and accuracy of document creation with better control and flexibility
  • Streamline processes with an embedded document generation step into existing internal and external workflows
  • Elevate customer experiences and brand consistency
  • Offer a fast, compliant approach to transactions for field workers, medical documents, and banking and investing


Conga CPQ API offers customers the ability to create headless and self-service capabilities for guided configuration and contracted pricing inserted on any B2B eCommerce site, helping streamline configuration and pricing across the revenue lifecycle. With one set of APIs on a unified data model, Conga CPQ API is now CRM-agnostic, and the same catalog and pricing information can be utilized across the entire organization. Conga CPQ API provides the flexibility to add world-class CPQ capabilities to existing revenue operations through a phased approach at a pace that best supports an organization’s business needs. Conga CPQ API empowers customers to:

  • Drive increased sales
  • Improve scale and performance for all CPQ operations across all platforms
  • Easily add advanced CPQ features across the revenue lifecycle in the future
  • Generate pricing for quotes, proposals, invoices, and renewals faster and more accurately directly in an eCommerce site, partner portal, or direct sales

Unique use cases for each of the Conga APIs include the ability to:

  • Conga Sign API – Embed eSignature capabilities for increased speed to sign velocity for loan applications, policy renewals, and lease agreements
  • Conga Composer API – Create documents with data from any system for fast, compliant transactions for field workers, medical documents, and banking and investing

“Conga Sign API, Conga Composer API, and Conga CPQ API provide customers the control to offer increased organizational productivity, accuracy, consistency, and exceptional customer experiences at a time when achieving operational efficiencies remains critical to business success,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and Culture Leader of Conga. “These APIs greatly enhance the capabilities of Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Solution while expanding experiences for customers of any size and geography. Designed to provide greater control and flexibility, Conga’s unique API-first approach offers the ability to integrate with a customer’s existing systems and workflows and to meet the customer where they are in their revenue lifecycle journey.”

Taking an API-first approach model allows Conga to solve a wider variety of Revenue Lifecycle Management use cases for its Salesforce customers while expanding Conga’s addressable market to provide its industry-leading solutions to any business using any CRM or ERP.

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