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Customer Story

Temple University

Temple uses Conga Composer to digitize their student enrollment management system, gaining time and office space back and improving faculty collaboration.



Temple University’s Fox School of Business was using an outdated automation tool to support their application and student enrollment management process. The paper-only tool produced unsophisticated documents that required printing and sharing physical copies between up to four faculty members involved in the application approval process. With a distributed workforce, the process for each department to review and approve student applications was tedious and included copying and pasting out of Salesforce®, printing applicants’ information and transferring by hand between departments.


By implementing Conga®’s solutions, the Fox School of Business was able to automate the tedious student enrollment management process by merging multiple fields from Salesforce to create a template that included interview notes, test scores and triggered involved parties when they needed to review. All of this is done automatically, allowing for fast collaboration and easy information sharing between departments and with prospective students.


By combing Conga Composer® and Conga Conductor®, Fox was able to not only improve efficiency but also gain valuable office space that had previously been used to house paper documents. The new automated and digital process reduced the manual work of opening and reviewing mailed applications by hand, compiling student records and delivering to each required faculty member. Beyond increased time back and efficiency in the application review process, the business school also realized:

  • Increased security: Removing the physical files protects student proprietary information through online encrypted storage.
  • Real estate: Replacing physical files with digital ones freed up an entire room that had housed boxes of applications, which could then be used for valuable office space.
  • Faculty morale: Cutting down on the manual work in the application and student enrollment process saved hours of time across various departments by removing the cutting and pasting of notes and transferring of files to various faculty members involved in each decision.
  • Attracting students: Moving to an online application process attracts a more sophisticated student looking to continue their education at a top-notch university that values technology.

"Implementing Conga Composer and Conductor has been more than just a time saver for our University. It has freed up valuable office space once occupied by files, the electronic application process puts our best foot forward as a technically advanced university in a crowded and competitive field looking to attract the best students, and it has increased the ease of collaboration between faculty members."
Stephen Boro | CRM Project Manager

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