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Relevant creates online quote in as little as a single day.

Oil and gas are big business, and changes in the industry are compelling companies to embrace technology and innovation to stay competitive. Those changes are just a few of the many challenges Relevant Solutions has overcome in the past three years. After a series of acquisitions, the company changed names to unify its brand and introduced Salesforce as its single source of truth.


“Our industry is traditionally very paper-based – nothing electronic,” said Michelle Vasko-Sparks, Relevant Solutions’ Director of Business Development and Marketing. “Salesforce is a powerful solution, but it still took effort to encourage adoption.” The CRM provided a way to increase visibility across the organization and increase consistency, but the paper-based nature of Relevant Solutions couldn’t be changed with just one powerful technology.

“The quotation process for our larger products is complicated,” said Michelle. “For one deal, you’re looking at a 400-500-page binder that’s revised three or four times.” The proposed product packages offer detailed specs on equipment that can reach prices close a million dollars, and involves the input of everyone from engineers to account managers. The offline process of creating these documents required hours of manpower, sometimes adding up to several weeks before a bid was ready to deliver to a prospect.


Relevant Solutions saw an opportunity to increase operational efficiency and revenue while moving toward a more sophisticated, tech-centered process and started the search for an online solution. “Our customers are demanding a faster response,” said Michelle. “Our salespeople need to be in front of customers, and the time they have with our customers is short.”

The company also wanted to transform the way it mapped the buyer journey, track customer engagement and update messaging. “The way we presented our offerings needed to be updated,” she said.

Michelle found Conga Collaborate after searching for a platform that could use data existing in Salesforce to create online assets. With a central repository for all up-to-date product information and access from any device, account managers now use Conga Collaborate to replace offline binders with online templates and fill in prospect information directly from Salesforce. Salespeople can also track customer engagement with documents to determine the best times and ways to follow up.


Relevant Solutions can now create branded online bids in an entirely new way. “From a marketing standpoint, it’s helped us maintain brand consistency,” said Michelle. “We’re creating cover letters with the same messaging, branded assets that can be personalized, and presenting salespeople with a way to be creative without spending hours.”

Since implementing Conga Collaborate and integrating it with Salesforce, Relevant Solutions has positioned itself as a standard-bearer in the oil and gas industry and slashed the time it takes to create quotes from weeks to less than a single day.

“The days of going back and forth with customers are over. We’ve leveraged efficiency in execution of how we manage our customer touchpoints and how we measure success. Conga Collaborate has helped us grow into our new identity, and to be torchbearers for technology.”

We also needed a single place to store all of that information – since all our sales documents were offline, they could be literally anywhere with no way to track them.

Michelle Vasko-Sparks | Director of Business Development and Marketing

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