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Northstar Travel Media

Northstar Travel Media saves 3 months per year using Conga Composer for insertion orders.

Northstar Travel Media is the leading business information and marketing solutions provider to the $300 billion U.S. travel, tourism and meetings industries. Through its award-winning media brands, proprietary content, research and customized marketing solutions, Northstar Travel Media offers unparalleled depth of information and services to clients in every vertical segment of the travel industry.


Prior to implementing Conga Composer®, Northstar Travel Media’s sales reps manually created insertion orders (IOs) for their clients and space reservation forms (SRFs) detailing purchases for the finance department using their own individual formats.

  • Create and send customized IOs and SRFs (about 120 per month)
  • Sales reps and coordinators enter mainly the same data on both IOs and SRFs


Northstar Travel Media integrated Conga Composer with Adobe EchoSign® to create an automated contract-generation solution for its sales team. Sales reps now click a custom link on opportunity records to create and deliver standardized IO forms. A Salesforce® formula field acts as a validation rule to show the custom link only if all the required data is populated on an opportunity. Once completed, signed IOs are automatically routed back to the sales coordinator who simply forwards the document to the order entry department for processing. When needed, the sales coordinator also merges an SRF from the opportunity containing internal details about the IO and attaches the SRF to the IO.


The integrated Composer & EchoSign solution has streamlined and improved the process of generating, signing and accounting for IOs and SRFs at Northstar Travel Media. Each order is completed roughly 20 minutes faster, and Northstar’s clients are now provided documents with an unprecedented level of branding consistency.

  • Time savings: Approximately 480 hours or 3 working months per year
  • Increased process efficiency: Paperwork is processed quicker so revenue is recognized in a more timely way. The validation rule has improved paperwork thoroughness and accuracy, and the ability to generate multiple forms from a single record has greatly reduced duplicate data entry.
  • Increased legal protection and user adoption: Standardized templates have increased Northstar’s control over contract content, helping to better manage legal susceptibility/risk. The standardization of internal forms also led to greater adoption of Salesforce as a platform.

What made the Conga solution stand out? It balances a streamlined workflow for the sales team with high quality output and ease of administration. The solution can also be customized to support new requirements over time and provides a seamless front-end user experience.

Additional use cases: Cover sheets for billing data entry, automated purchase receipts

“Conga Composer and EchoSign helped us streamline our entire sales process. The integrated solution was easy to configure and provides a seamless, highly professional front-end experience for our reps and customers.”

Cynthia Wittig | Technical Product Specialist

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