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inficiences partners

inficiences partners automates entire sales cycle, saves 1 hour per training document.

inficiences partners is a specialized advisory consulting firm that helps European B2B companies to set sales and marketing best practices and increase the efficiency of their sales, marketing and customer services operations.


inficiences partners is a small consulting firm without any administrative staff, so efficiency is key to their success. Prior to implementing Conga Composer®, inficiences partners stored data in Salesforce®, though it was difficult for consultants to keep track of what was sold to customers, which projects needed to be invoiced, and if projects had outstanding payments. In addition, inficiences partners needed to file mandatory training reports with the French government, known as “convention de formation,” to document that they had delivered training as part of the project delivery. Before Composer, these training reports were generated outside of Salesforce and tracked exclusively in Excel®, which led to outdated, inaccurate data and costly discrepancies in reporting.


inficiences partners implemented Conga Composer to achieve a more efficient way to manage their sales cycle and the various documents required at each stage. Anyone in the company can now quickly create and send quotes, invoices and training reports within Salesforce by clicking a Composer button. Since Composer saves a copy of each document on the record, they always know exactly what was sold, what part of the project has been invoiced, and what training has been delivered. Furthermore, inficiences partners has built-in checks and balances within the Composer solutions to avoid project interruptions. For example, when an invoice is created and emailed, Composer automatically changes a field on the opportunity to “Produced.” At any given time, agents can see which clients have outstanding invoices and can reach out accordingly.


Conga Composer has given inficiences partners the ability to quickly generate individual documents and consistently track the status of each client, allowing them to more efficiently manage their business and provide excellent service to their clients. inficiences partners now uses dashboards driven by data automatically updated by Composer to track the status of every document produced, as well as monitor where each client resides within the sales cycle.

  • Amount of time saved: 1 hour per training document
  • Increased user satisfaction: The Conga Composer solution has given all staff members the ability to instantly generate accurate quotes, invoices and training documents.
  • Reduction of errors: Prior to using Composer, producing documents manually was an error prone process, with lots of cross-referenced information copied from multiple places and pasted into documents. Composer now produces these documents automatically from Salesforce data, and errors are avoided.

What made the Conga solution stand out? inficiences partners always recommends pre-built applications over custom development to their clients because they know from experience that applications provide a lower cost of deployment and maintenance. When they were looking for a document generation solution, inficiences partners chose Composer because it was easy to implement and could be utilized effectively by anyone within the company without prior programming knowledge.

“With just a click of a button we can produce all of the documentation that we need. Even though we are a small firm, our system is extremely efficient and rigorous, and Conga helps us to manage everything with little effort.”

Grégoire Michel | Founder & Managing Partner

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