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Customer Story


Conga takes Brightpearl’s ‘magic’ retail tracking taskmaster from à la carte to one-stop shop.

As soon as a shopper clicks that “buy” button, cloud-based retail operations platform Brightpearl goes to work handling all the behind-the-scenes actions that come along with the purchase. From sales orders to fulfillment management, account reporting to warehouse replenishment, shipping to returns, Brightpearl tracks it all. And it’s no easy feat.



As Brightpearl helps customers streamline and automate a multitude of processes into one omnichannel, they needed to be able to more efficiently generate documents while staying within one end-to-end system.

Before implementing Conga, Brightpearl juggled multiple vendors to digitize their work, which meant spending time learning and operating each, then manually MacGyver-ing the platforms to interact with one another. Here’s how: Brightpearl representatives would generate a document, then either download the document to a desktop and upload it to a separate eSignature platform to re-upload into Salesforce, or attach it manually to the record in Salesforce. This wastes time, resources, and worse: money.



Brightpearl brought on Conga Sign to work with Conga Composer, which they had previously adopted. It was then they began fully maximizing Conga’s benefits to make the transition from contract inception to signed and executed a fully seamless process.

Composer’s highly flexible platform allows Brightpearl to configure documents and then alter them to suit their needs. With Sign, sales reps no longer have to work outside of Salesforce midway through the contract lifecycle to get the eSignature they need to digitally seal the deal. Both systems interact seamlessly with one another, without ever leaving Salesforce — making them virtually invisible to the user, but with security coverage and a full audit trail.

Sales reps are the primary users of Composer and Sign, but Brightpearl’s professional services and finance teams also interact with it and, despite some initial trepidation of moving from a known, comfortable eSignature system to Conga, the feedback since making the move has been largely positive: They have peace of mind knowing it works just as well and it does what they need it to do.


Business outcomes

  • Conga’s products eliminated superfluous steps during Brightpearl’s contract lifecycle, which reduced time employees spent working on each deal, closing deals faster and spending more time selling.
  • Instead of buying contract systems à la carte from a number of vendors, Brightpearl was able to save money by working with one solution provider for all its needs.
  • Having the ability to connect easily with a Conga Support representative was a massive benefit to Brightpearl, along with the instructional Conga University to self-guide through all offerings.


“Brightpearl is growing at a phenomenal rate and our business processes are changing to keep up with that, which is keeping me very, very busy and knowing that I can look into Conga's offerings and find a way to meet what I need is really valuable.”
Emma Cherrington | Brightpearl Head of Global Sales and Marketing Systems

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