Jungheinrich AG unifies all key contracts and cuts manual processes with Conga

With Conga CLM, Jungheinrich AG reduces risk while boosting compliance and improving customer experience
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Founded in 1953, Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading solutions providers for the intralogistics sector. With a comprehensive portfolio of material handling equipment, automatic systems, and services, the company is able to offer customers tailored solutions for the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 from a single source. The Hamburg-based group is represented worldwide in 40 countries through its own direct sales companies, and in approximately 80 other countries through partner companies. Jungheinrich employs 18,000 people worldwide and generated consolidated revenue of €4.07 billion in 2019. The Jungheinrich share is listed on the SDAX.

Jungheinrich AG accelerates digital transformation and ensures compliance across global contracts

Prior to implementing Conga CLM, Jungheinrich AG manually arranged the participation of different departments and its specialists across 40 sales units. The automation, centralization, and digitalization of its key account contracts into a single, global repository allows Jungheinrich AG to focus more on providing an exceptional customer experience and less on minimizing the inherent risk from manual processes. With Conga CLM, Jungheinrich is able to speed up the contract negotiations, increase customer satisfaction and prevent compliance issues.

Additionally, the Intelligent Discovery functionality enables Jungheinrich AG to easily import various contracts created in different file types into its Conga CLM repository. Using machine learning software, Intelligent Discovery recognizes, understands, and extracts the language in contracts and correctly identifies the terms, clauses, obligations, and other key details, facilitating easy use of third party paper.

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