Conga India POSHA Compliant Statement

Conga is POSHA compliant, with zero cases reported during the FY 2021-2022 year, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Conga’s annual reports were submitted to the respective offices before the 31st of Jan, 2022 as per the current government guidelines. Conga held quarterly meetings attended by the POSHA team, external representatives, Puja Varsha, HR Ops Manager, and Ashish Shah, GM Operations.

The POSHA team also underwent regular training sessions to equip them handle any cases that were reported. Conga policies ensure that all new employees are well-informed about the POSHA team, approach, processes and points of contact.

The Conga India POSHA team is as listed below:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Trupti Jain 
[email protected]
External representation (Ahmedabad)
2 Snehal Kale 
[email protected]
People Partner, Human Resources (Pune)
3 Sanjana Kadakia
[email protected]
Solution Architect, Professional Services, (Ahmedabad)
4 Ujas Adhvaryu 
[email protected]
Sr. Manager, Professional Services, Technology (Ahmedabad)
5 Bhagya  Nayak 
[email protected]
Manager, Software Engineering, Engineering (Bangalore)
6 Sridhar Reddy Talasani
[email protected]
Sr. Manager, Professional Services, Technology (Bangalore)
7 Gajanan Pujari 
[email protected]
Senior Director, Professional Services, Delivery (Pune)

Conga would like to thank its India staff for helping create a safe and productive work environment.