It’s really about the data


June 01, 2017

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One way to look at Salesforce is that it’s really about data. It’s a storehouse of information. In the big picture, it’s a record of what your company has done and does, and that information can be analyzed to inform what it should do in the future. This is why the data in Salesforce is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, and it’s why data management is so important.

How 2 Companies Solved Their Data Management Problems

Day-to-day data management is a chore, which is why so many companies struggle with it. Consider how two companies have used ActionGrid in different ways to confront specific business challenges and resolve them with better data management.

Wolters Kluwer

A global information services company providing software and services to companies across many industries, Wolters Kluwer had two data-related pain points:Wolters Kluwer

  • Uncovering cross-sell opportunities for sales. With a multi-product portfolio, it was sometimes hard for reps to recognize which accounts were not yet using all appropriate products. Getting this information required time-intensive ad hoc reporting to find needed information.
  • Tracking missing documents for compliance purposes. The company is required to track contracts and documentation, and needed a way to check Salesforce to find where necessary information was missing.

 How ActionGrid solved for Wolters Kluwer’s data management issues:

  • Automated data entry and report views. These give reps instant access to upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Weekly reports flag potential compliance problems. Reports reveal weekly closed opportunities with no attachment across unrelated objects – to call attention to compliance concerns, making incomplete records easy to spot and remedy.

This has meant some concrete gains for Wolters Kluwer employees:

  • 25 hrs/wk time back as a team that they can use for selling, rather than pulling data
  • 16 hrs/wk for the ops team that they used to spend doing research for sales reps


Wrightson & Platt

Wrightson & Platt, a UK-based luxury brand specializing in life-cast sculptures, particularly of baby hands and feet, had a complex, nuanced order process that presented some data challenges.Wrightson & Platt

  • Updating order data. Multiple related orders for an individual customer from a single casting session appear as separate Opportunities in the company’s Salesforce system. Updating data en masse across these records (such as status or delivery date) was time intensive.
  • Order status tracking. Order production is complex, with different suppliers fulfilling every order, depending on the materials used (silver, glass, gold, etc.) Cross-checking orders was done from a print-out, with hand-written notes transcribed into Salesforce afterward.
  • Exporting data for analysis and reporting. Management exported Salesforce data into Excel in order to segment, sort, filter and analyze it.

How ActionGrid solved for Wrightson & Platt’s data management issues:

  • Single screen data updates across related orders. The sales team can view and update all order information (Opportunities) related to a single customer – for example, if all orders are delivered on a given date, that field can be updated on all records in a single action.
  • Customized grids for status updates. These are used to log the status of every order, depending on materials. Using a new set of fields at the Opportunity level, the company can track orders in production by stage. Live batch updates are made from the workshop floor with ActionGrid, so that it is no longer required to manually type in hand-written notes after the fact.
  • Data analysis and reporting within Salesforce. Management can analyze, filter, sort and report on data within Salesforce, without risk of data loss or corruption. No more need to have Salesforce and Excel on separate screens to analyze data.

This has improved processes for Wrightson & Platt, leading to:

  • Better customer service – thanks to improved order tracking and quicker, more accurate completion.
  • Improved data management for better process efficiencies, quick and easy mass data updates, saved labor time, and more precise reporting.

Read more about how Wrightson & Platt solved their data – and documents – challenges with Conga ActionGrid and Composer, and: WATCH A DEMO OF HOW ACTIONGRID CAN HAVE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS


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