Boost retail business operations with automated documents

Kelli Blystone

May 22, 2018

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As retail companies try to bring more agility into their day-to-day operations in an effort to provide a superior customer experience and get a leg up on the competition, they often rely on a variety of tools and technologies that promise to streamline business processes. But even if you’ve already invested in the latest and greatest software developed just for retail, chances are that your business still has to employ some level of manual effort, most notably when generating and managing all the many documents required every day across teams. Does this sound familiar? You input data into a number of different systems that don’t communicate with each other. When it’s time to create a document, you have to toggle between programs, manually cut and paste information, and save the new document on your desktop or somewhere in a shared team folder. Not only does this take time no one has to waste, but all the toggling, cutting, and pasting also makes it much likelier that:

  • documents will be generated with errors
  • updates to customer data won’t get synced back to the CRM (tripping up the next user who has to create a document)
  • collaborators won’t be working from the latest version, which means more back-and-forth, additional time for corrections, and lots more frustration

In the end, everything from price quotes and invoices to work orders, contracts, and other documents become an administrative nightmare for everyone in your organization. They slow down workflows, impede productivity, and risk damaging your reputation with customers, vendors, and partners if they’re chock full of inaccurate information or aren’t transparent and readily available. With so much at stake, your in-store, online, and office operations have to run as smoothly as possible. And to get to that point, you need to consider integrating and automating as many of the repetitive manual tasks as possible and enable your colleagues to focus their time and attention on higher-value activities and efforts.

Gaining a competitive advantage through automation

Retailers are made up of many interconnected parts: sales and customer service, supply chain and inventory, legal and executive—not to mention the interplay between in-store and online channels. All parts rely on certain documents to move through cycles, stages, processes, agreements, and more. When retail operations are hampered by inefficiencies, everyone in the business can feel it. Sales and service reps lose out to dissatisfied customers who aren’t getting what they asked for quickly enough. Legal teams can’t turn around contracts in a timely manner and spend too much time combing over every detail. And Salesforce admins can’t support or enforce CRM and data management processes effectively, leading to a litany of potential issues down the road. Instead, forward-thinking retail businesses looking to recoup lost time, increase productivity, and deliver a superior customer experience from end to end are finding that automating their most frequently used and highest value documents is the secret weapon to business success. Conga’s document management automation solutions integrate with your Salesforce, removing the need for the manual cut-and-paste work you’re tired of doing, speeding up daily processes, ensuring critical accuracy, and improving efficiency. Specifically, successful retailers are using Conga’s to rapidly create, distribute, and manage a wide range of important documents like:

  • Inventory reports
  • Price quotes
  • Contracts
  • Work orders
  • Shipping documents
  • Invoices & receipts
  • Renewals & customer reviews

Employing an integrated, automated solution like Conga into everyday operations dramatically accelerates document generation, collaboration, and revenue cycles with smart templates that allow them to generate a variety of consistently formatted, branded documents with accurate data that’s auto-populated right from your Salesforce instance. With Conga, teams across your organization can improve overall efficiency, minimize profit-killing mistakes, and better serve the needs of your customers and business. To learn how Conga’s intelligent automation can make your retail business’s document generation faster and more efficient, download The 7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Successful Retail Operations.

Kelli Blystone

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