Announcing the new Conga Support site

Kelli Blystone

September 19, 2019
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Those of you who have been with the Conga family for a while probably remember how our support site has changed over the years. Admittedly, we’ve had some hits and some misses. But on October 1, we rolled out a definite hit with some exciting changes to Conga’s support site.

We’re making an investment in our customers and partners with top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology that allows us to give you the best self help experience possible. Not only will have the same look and feel as the amazing website you know and love, it will be better organized to help you get the answers you need more quickly.

As Conga has grown, so has our Digital Document Transformation (DDX) suite. And as our DDX suite has grown and become more integrated, our documentation has expanded and grown in complexity to accommodate these changes. The new allows us to organize all the same content—and the new additions—in better ways so it’s easier for you to find and digest.

That’s right, all of the same great content and helpful resources are on the new Conga Support site at, it’s just organized in a more logical way. So if you’re a Conga Contracts customer (did you know we have an intelligent contracts solution?) it’s dead simple to find what you need right away. Or if you’re a Conga Sign customer (yeah, we do eSign, too), you can get the answer you need without having to wade through content that isn’t relevant to you. Of course our classic document generation content is still there and it’s better than ever. And have you checked out Grid lately? It’s really cool.

And the search…wow. We’ve taken the search functionality from before and made it smarter and more helpful than ever. Not that the search was bad before. You won’t find a better search shy of that multi-colored g-word site.

We won’t bore you with details about the back-end but with these new technologies we’re going to be able to things we couldn’t before. Check out the new capabilities now!

Kelli Blystone

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