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Level-up your contract management for the new year

Going into the new year, the pace of business continues to increase. With the rapid speed at which organizations now operate, the likelihood of introducing errors into your contracts are at an all-time high largely due to dated and manual contract processes.

With continuous advancements in CLM, it is now possible to streamline your contracts, ensuring you don’t expose yourself to security and compliance issues, while gaining insights into critical contract data, terms and conditions. 

Contracts remain the lifeblood of business, with up to 80% of B2B deals being governed by contracts, so why not start your year on the right foot by assessing areas of potential improvement to ensure you’re keeping up?

Join Paul Branch, COO at IACCM, and Joel Shank, Commercial Counsel at Conga to:

  • Uncover the common areas of pain, redundancy and risk in contract processes

  • Address the challenges and solutions to accelerate your contracts

  • Understand key elements when assessing CLM adoption or expansion

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