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Uncovering the Total Economic Impact ™ of Conga Contracts

Curious how Conga Contracts can affect your bottom line?

Whether you have a well-oiled contract management process or are just beginning to address your contract lifecycle management (CLM) needs, it’s valuable to understanding the varying benefits and implications a solution can provide to you organization.

This webinar will discuss the results of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Conga in October 2019, including Conga CLM customer interviews and their subsequent financial analysis, uncovering the cost savings and business benefits of Conga’s CLM suite.

Join our webinar to hear about:

  • the quantified benefits of Conga Contracts, including reduction in contract creation, delivery, renewal and execution time.
  • unquantified benefits, like contract quality through standardization and AI.
  • the cost associated with a CLM solution, including ROI assessment based on implementation, maintenance and net present value of Conga’s CLM suite.
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