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Solving your document problem

How can document generation solve your document problem?

Sales teams spend more than 5 hours a day doing things other than selling, including a lot of manual, administrative tasks. Many of those tasks involve the creation of sales documents, such as quotes, proposals, invoices and contracts. Sales teams can make big gains in efficiency and get back selling time with a document generation solution.

Download the ebook “Solving your document problem” to learn:

  • The major sales trends that require sales teams to take doc gen into account.
  • The most significant pitfalls of manual document generation.
  • How a document automation solution works with document templates to optimize the use of your CRM data.
  • Address pain points in the sales cycle and create end-to-end sales process optimization.
  • How Dimelo, a B2B SaaS company, solved for quote and price book inconsistencies with doc gen.
Shorten sales cycles now.
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Our contracts can range in length from 15 to 30 pages, and before onboarding Conga Composer we were manually populating and filing them. Since implementing Composer we save between 30 minutes to an hour per contract… that’s a saving of $25.00 — $50.00 each!

Adam Wiggins, Head of Marketing