S1E5: Every Detail Matters | Carl Harkness

22 min listen

What does a studied Berklee College of Music musician have to tell us about the overhaul of contract management at a company that employs a computational approach to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology?

Carl Harkness serves as a Contracts Administrator at Nimbus Therapeutics, a company that uses advanced technologies to design breakthrough medicines and transform drug development. 

As you might imagine, a meticulous level of detail is required to manage Nimbus’ contracts, statements of work, and agreements, especially when you factor in the global scale of their organization and the number of contractors Nimbus employs as they continue to grow.

In this episode of Agents of Change, you’ll hear the challenges Carl faced when implementing change within the company. Hint: It wasn’t internal pushback. People at Nimbus were ready for a better way of doing things. 

So, how did Carl find a solution? Listen in. 

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