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Conga weaves tapestry for the middle office at Connect 2023

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Conga brings together disparate systems, people, processes, and tech to meet the needs of Conga customers in the middle office.

In this download we'll cover:

Conga's positioning of Revenue Lifecycle Management in the middle office (between front-office and back-office systems)
A SWOT analysis of Conga's offering
Conga's strategy with solutions, partners, and platforms


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Conga's approach is designed to address new customer requirements in what we refer to as the middle office. Our goal is to help our customer base move into the next phase of their digital transformation and attract new clients. With this in mind, we’re positioning ourselves to move upmarket into global, multinational accounts.  

However, the combination of products must also make sense to prospects. These challenges make for a high-risk, high-reward undertaking that requires careful planning and execution to achieve success. To get an outside perspective on Conga’s progress, 451 Research attended Conga Connect 2023 to observe and learn more about our plans for the future.  

Check out 451 Research’s full report to get a full recap of Conga Connect 2023 to learn more.