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How Agents of Change transform business

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We all have the chance to be an Agent of Change.

It’s a tough badge to bear, to be sure, but we’ve got some very real and very actionable steps to help you keep business moving while empowering others and affecting real change in your organization. 

An Agent of Change’s work is often invisible but the impact? Oh, the impact is very measurable. That’s something to celebrate, and it’s something you can do.

In this download, we'll cover:

Make work orders more orderly
Create proposals that make a great first impression
Lock in the deal with an efficient and quick quote
Shorten the contract lifecycle and close the deal faster

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How Agents of Change transform business:  

A real-life guide to conquering obstacles  

It takes just one person.  

One person with the curiosity—and sometimes the audacity—to question a workflow or process and reimagine a smoother approach. One to uncover potential issues and solve them before they can even be categorized as “problems.” To challenge the status quo because they know that what’s always been done isn’t the way toward progress.  

It takes just one Agent of Change to transform 

These agents keep business moving, but it’s not about solving problems. They inspire, empower and affect real change throughout their organizations and industries. Agents of Change fundamentally change the way their company does business. Their work is often invisible, but the outcomes are far from it. Because for them, it’s not about the credit—it’s about the impact.  

The more we’re able to celebrate and share the success stories of real-life agents, the more their work can motivate and inspire others to do the same.  

So, we’d like to introduce you to real Agents of Change and the barriers to commercial operations that they have removed to earn that badge of honor. 

Agent obstacle 1: Making work orders more orderly 

There’s no wiggle room when it comes to accuracy in work orders. They must make it to the right place and make it there quickly. Every piece of information down to the smallest detail needs to be transparent and correct—for both the customers’ sake and the potential impact it has on the on the bottom line and, therefore, the business. Customers rightfully expect their orders will be fulfilled swiftly, without error, and anything less will lower a business’s standing among the competition.  

With Conga Composer, Conga Collaborate, and/or Conga Grid, the agents were able to eliminate the manual steps that slowed work and added human error to documents, while allowing for greater visibility and better tracking of records. 

So, when organizations face the very real challenges of needing sales reps to physically hand-write orders or manually enter customer data in time consuming processes, the Agents of Change at these organizations turned to a Conga solution: 

  • Digital Dolphin Supplies 
  • Enovate Medical 
  • Allianz 

Agent obstacle 2: Proposals must make an impressive first impression 

A sales proposal can often be a business’ first opportunity to show off what they’re able to do—and you can believe customers will judge the book by its cover. So if it’s not error-free, easy to read, on brand, and easy to electronically sign, prospects might head to the next company that can provide those necessities.  

The next few Agents of Change overcame lengthy, error-prone proposal processes to increase proposal creation speed. One realized sales reps weren’t able to include promotional pricing in their quotes, as another tried to manage manual processes that stretched over multiple software tools, knowing it could be just one automated solution. 

With Conga Sign, Collaborate, and/or Composer, these three agents were able to reduce the time it took to create proposals while delivering precise and flawless documents (both in appearance and accuracy), freeing considerable time for sales reps to do more business. 

These Agents of Change turned to Conga to solve their proposal issues: 

  • T-Mobile for Business 
  • Cox Automotive 
  • Renovia 

Agent obstacle 3: Locking in the deal with an efficient quote 

Quotes, if done manually, on paper—or worse, verbally—create inefficient processes that are rife with mistakes and miscommunications. A lack of transparency in tracking estimates is a frustrating experience for the customer, too, and this all could end up costing a company in lost business.  

Convoluted legacy processes involving multiple platforms suck up time and can be like playing a game of telephone.  

So the following agents found a way to streamline their processes by drastically reducing the time it takes to create a quote, using Conga CLM, Conga CPQ, Composer, Grid, and Sign. Conga’s powerful tracking capabilities mean reps have the insight to follow up on prospects as soon as they’ve had a chance to review the quote. 

The following agents knew time and accuracy spent on these workflows were holding up business they could be earning: 

  • Despatch Industries 
  • Embraer 
  • Dude Solutions 
  • InteliSecure 

Agent obstacle 4: Shortening the contract lifecycle to close the deal faster 

Managing contracts from inception to eSignature can be a lengthy, convoluted process—but it doesn’t have to be. 

From requesting and generating contracts, to using appropriate and accurate legal language, to a highly transparent negotiation process, and, finally, to getting that signature, a streamlined process that easily integrates with other platforms helps sales teams sell and close deals faster. 

With contract lifecycle management (CLM) tools like Conga Contracts, Conga CLM, and Composer, the next three Agents of Change found they could mitigate risk, increase visibility, and drastically speed up the entire lifecycle—freeing teams up to sell more or focus on larger strategic initiatives. 

  • Huntsman International, LLC 
  • PatientPoint 
  • Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development 

In each of these cases, a passionate person at an organization saw something they knew could be better. A time-wasting workflow, a cumbersome format, a template’s appearance, an inefficient contract process, or a small feature to help sweeten the deal for their prospects.  

Oftentimes, it takes imagination and a “could we?” mentality, but not always. It’s as simple as recognizing “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is no longer good enough if a business aims for the title of industry leading. Forcing progress is a must, no matter how uncomfortable it might sometimes be. But you don’t have to start from scratch.  

Download the full eBook to read each Agent of Change’s story about how they helped their organization common workplace obstacles using Conga’s solutions.