We’re making eSignature and redlining functionality standard to accelerate customer engagement

Karen Cooper

November 07, 2018

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When I started with Conga just over a year ago, Conga Composer was already a mature product with a strong, loyal user base and dozens of use cases. Organizations were using it for not just proposal generation or invoice creation, but for complex internal presentations and reports. Many of our biggest customer advocates were calling it “game changing;” even “life changing” for those who had been using painful, manual ways to create documents. Even so, our product teams continue to find ways to innovate and improve to help you save time, drive efficiencies and increase return on investment. With this in mind, we built our Conga Sign product based on enormous customer demand for a more cost-effective eSignature solution than what they could find in the market. On a parallel track, work was being done on our contract management capabilities, making them increasingly intuitive and efficient.

The culmination of this work, combined with where we at Conga feel the market is going, is a new solution that spans the full digital document transformation from creation to negotiation to sign in a single offering–Conga Composer Enterprise.

Our top-rated application on the Salesforce® AppExchange lets organizations address the most widely required use cases for document generation. Now we are making e-signature and basic contract negotiation standard in one package. Our new Conga Composer Enterprise Edition empowers users with unmatched capabilities:

  • Merge data from any external data source or take advantage of our API to access Composer functionality from other applications.
  • Negotiate contract terms in the format everyone is most comfortable with-Microsoft Word.
  • Accept negotiated changes and write that information back into Salesforce, keeping your system of record up-to-date.
  • And finally, simplify your document execution with a modern, easy to use eSignature built for Salesforce®.

Composer Enterprise Edition was built based on customer recommendations most notably for tools that work seamlessly and intuitively within Salesforce and could be implemented as painlessly as possible. Want to learn more about this new product package? Register for our webinar to learn more about this exciting new package, see a brief product demo, and get your questions answered.

Karen Cooper

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