Time to eat your veggies


June 16, 2017

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Tomorrow is National Eat Your Vegetables Day (June 17th). That means a day to do something that’s good for your overall health, even if it isn’t the thing that you enjoy the most. While you’re eating that extra helping of broccoli and carrots, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the health of your business, as well. Consider what “Eat Your Vegetables Day” could mean for your sales organization: #1 Keep your Salesforce data up-to-date Your sales team lives for the sale, and your reps surely don’t want to circle around after the day’s customer touches to update Salesforce. But if you don’t have clean, up-to-date data in your system, it has a bunch of negative effects. Reps will struggle with clarity when prioritizing tasks (Who needs a touch today?), some things that need to be done won’t get done, and sales leadership will have a heck of a time with accurate forecasting. A solid data management tool can make data updates easy and actually help your sales team track and prioritize activities on a daily basis. #2: Keep your communications quick, accurate and on-brand The documents that your company sends out – including the ones that your sales team sends to prospects and customers – create a public image of your company. If every rep is making up his or her own documents, manually cutting and pasting data from Salesforce into a template or an old Word doc, and then sending it out, there’s no telling what image the customer is getting of your company. At the very least, it’s inconsistent. Add to that the fact that cutting and pasting inevitably leads to errors, which can have a real effect on your bottom line and your image. Lastly, this process is time-consuming and your reps would do better to spend the time it takes to create a document on face-to-face selling activities. On the other hand, consistent, well-formatted, professional documents create confidence in your company and in the products or services that it offers. If you invest in a document generation solution, inconsistent, labor-intensive, error-prone sales documents will become a thing of the past. Your customers will receive clean, accurate, on-brand documents almost instantly, which will go a good part of the way toward making the sale. #3: Don’t cut corners on your processes There’s a lot of pressure to get things done fast, but that’s no argument for a lack of clear, effective processes. In fact, having a solid set of end-to-end sales processes in place can do a lot to save you time – and headaches – in the long run. So, good data management will help create visibility into your sales processes and make it easier for your sales team to take swift, meaningful action. Having a solid document generation solution will help them create and send accurate, professional documents instantly from your Salesforce instance. In the final mile of the deal, once the terms have been agreed to, it’s a huge benefit to have a contract management solution in place. Your sales team can generate, negotiate, and send the final contract for eSignature without the need for legal to get involved (but within the limits of language that legal has already approved, so you should be covered).           With the right set of tools, it’s easy. Like how eating eggplant* that’s been fried, with a nice dose of marinara sauce and melted mozzarella on top, is suddenly much more appetizing. *Never mind that eggplant is technically a fruit.


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