The haunting of inefficient processes: Horror stories of the modern workplace

Kelli Blystone

October 31, 2018

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This time of year brings spine-shivering tales of menacing monsters and spooky spirits, but sometimes, the scariest stories are a little closer to home. We’re not talking about Michael Myers lurking in the shadows with a butcher knife. Instead, we’re referring to the horrors of inefficient processes, outdated practices and other issues that can haunt your work life on a daily basis.   At Conga, our mission is to banish clunky workflows and all other inefficient document management processes from the workplace. In doing so, we’ve collected countless workplace horror stories from real companies just like yours. Take a peek into our Cabinet of Curiosities and see if any of these true stories sound familiar. But readers, beware: these harrowing tales are not for the faint of heart… In some cases, inefficient processes not only interfere with the management of documents and contracts, but they can also limit a company’s ability to grow and advance. One Conga customer came to this painful realization—every donation they received, every letter they sent, every contract they generated, navigated them away from their current page in Salesforce. Instead of merging into a single document, they manually copied and pasted, downloaded, and printed for mailing. Eventually, they sought the help of Conga’s solutions to pull them out of this grueling process… In the tale of the Fiji Mermaid, one company was haunted by a monster of their own creation. They were piecing together several completely disconnected tools and programs that they had no way of integrating. In their complex industry, each department was using a different tool to accomplish their everyday tasks, while the executive team had no way to leverage the documents and reports. With Conga, they were able to take down this monster and emerge victorious with an integrated, end-to-end solution... This horror story starts out a little like the last, with one company using dozens of tools, and none of them integrated. But it gets much scarier—this same company was also dealing with disjointed processes, paper documents, and terrifyingly slow approval timelines. The approver sat only four doors away, but took weeks to get contracts approved. Remember the multiple, non-integrated tools? Each individual team also used a separate system, meaning contract details would have to be pulled from four different systems. See how Conga digitally-transformed this story into one with a happy ending... Even as we shift to a more digital, connected world, many companies are still stuck in a digital graveyard of sorts, still using faxes, paper and—gulp—filing cabinets. One particular company was routing contracts between multiple offices in order to receive six necessary approvals. The contracts liaison was literally running between offices to get the approvals in writing. Remember those dreaded filing cabinets? The poor liaison was never able to locate the appropriate versions of her contracts, as they were all dispersed in file cabinets throughout several different offices! Find out how Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite brought them back to the land of the living... Here’s a campfire tale that’s sure to scare: imagine you work in a highly-regulated industry, but you use a process with lots of room for human error. Your sales reps are sending out old copies of proposals with outdated branding, old terms and conditions and, sometimes, even previous customer names they forgot to remove. Not only are your reps giving a bad first impression of your company, but you’re at risk of being slammed with hefty fines for sharing inaccurate information in your highly-regulated industry. All of this happened to a real-life company, and with Conga, they were able to take control of their processes… When searching for a solution, you want to be sure whatever you buy will actually solve your business problems. Imagine, though, that your so-called solution turned out to be all smoke and mirrors: you spend years and millions of dollars trying to implement your solution, but then never actually implement it. One company lived this nightmare, and in the end, five executives were fired after spending four years and five million dollars on a solution that was nothing but a “pipe dream.” This company finally made the switch to Conga—a digital document transformation solution that never tries to sell you an illusion... We know that the road to a fully-automated business can often be bumpy, with wrong turns and a few monsters often popping up along the way. The best businesses, though, embrace the unexpected and learn from other companies' mistakes. Want to see how each of the horror stories above were resolved by Conga’s digital document transformation suite of solutions? Click here to explore the happy endings in our Cabinet of Curiosities, and learn how to avoid the dangers of inefficient processes.

Kelli Blystone

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