A spotlight on Conga’s Core Values: Meet Lee Mills


October 17, 2017

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Conga’s Core Values include: Five-Star Value, Desire for Knowledge, Passion with Purpose, and Adapt to Win.  1.)  How long have you been with Conga, and what is your role? I’ve been working here at Conga now for three years. I am the EMEA Technical Customer Success Manager, which means I head up the frontline support team that delivers Conga’s world-famous customer support across the EMEA region for all Conga product lines. 2.)  You are a recent winner of a Conga Core Values Award, which is quite an honor. What do Conga's core values mean to you (Five-Star Value, Desire for Knowledge, Passion with Purpose and Adapt to Win)? I have been extremely fortunate to have been awarded the Conga Desire for Knowledge Spotlight Award, which recognises people for collaboration, knowledge sharing and developing new skills. It was an amazing and somewhat surreal feeling to win the inaugural Desire for Knowledge award, and it was a huge honour to be presented the award at the annual Kick-Off meeting in front of the entire company. It’s great to be recognised for your hard work, especially when it’s what you are most passionate about. The Core Value Awards are peer-nominated, which makes it even more special. To have your colleagues show how much they value your input is very humbling. 3.)  Why do you do what you do? What was your path to get here? I initially joined Conga as a business analyst, as the role offered a fantastic combination of using my technical knowledge, working with really cool products, and interacting with a great customer base. I’m lucky that I continue to have that customer interaction in my management role – it’s what I love, and now I have an amazing team working with me. I’ve always loved customer-facing roles, and have followed many paths, from managing pubs, to running my own translation business, to being a ski instructor for nearly 10 years. You develop great customer skills out on the piste! Working in EMEA also gives me the opportunity to keep up my language skills because our team works in French and German as well. 4.)  What makes your day? There are two things that make my day. The first is getting great feedback from a customer that we have helped to make a difference in their business processes, and the second is seeing the sense of achievement and satisfaction from my team when they’ve delivered that solution. 5.)  What's the most challenging work experience you've ever had? How about one of the best or most satisfying? Working with highly customizable, technical products makes every day a challenge! We’ve grown exponentially here at Conga over the past couple of years and the biggest challenge for me as a manager has been to ensure my team members have everything they need to continue to provide the level of service that everyone expects from Conga. That includes a broad range, from technical knowledge and training to a collaborative, team-focused work environment.  Most satisfying for me now is seeing the team we have developed here in EMEA – they’re knowledgeable, motivated and are highly valued by their peers and by our customers. [caption id="attachment_4040" align="alignright" width="300"] Lee hiking with better half Amy and dog Ruby in the Lake District -- "Probably the only sunny day we had this year!"[/caption] 6.) What are you most proud of in the work you've done at Conga? The most satisfying personal achievement was turning around a stalled project for a customer a few years ago. The implementation had reached an impasse, but over the course of several months, numerous site visits, and a lot of head scratching, we achieved the customer’s success goal. They have since grown into a major key account here in EMEA. However, there is one thing that pleases me more, and that has been the opportunity to promote two of my team to more senior positions. Being able to reward my team members and see them recognised for their hard work and fantastic dedication have made that the best day of my Conga career so far. 7.) What do you do when you aren’t working for Conga? If you had asked me this question last week I would have said, study! I have just submitted my final thesis to complete a BSc Hons degree in IT and Computing that has kept me very busy outside of work for the last 6 years! Now that I have some free time back, it will be spent putting some miles on my Triumph motorbike, coaching (and maybe even playing) at my local rugby club, and enjoying our local countryside with the dog – despite the English weather! 8.)  If you could tell everyone one thing about Conga, what would it be? We’re hiring! We have a fantastic culture, amazing products and intelligent, motivated people -  we are a company that is going places! I consider myself incredibly lucky to work with the global team. We are diverse, sometimes crazy, but always Conganeers!  


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