A spotlight on Conga’s Core Values: Meet Kyle Hagan


July 25, 2017

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Conga’s Core Values include: Five-Star Value, Desire for Knowledge, Passion with Purpose, and Adapt to Win.  1.)  How long have you been with Conga, and what is your role? I have been working with Conga as a Solutions Engineer for about 2 years, coming from their Acquisition of ActionGrid. I mainly architect ActionGrid Solutions, especially ones that integrate with our other Products, such as Composer, Conductor and Contracts. 2.)  You are a recent winner of a Conga Core Values Award, which is quite an honor. What do Conga's core values mean to you (Five-Star Value, Desire for Knowledge, Passion with Purpose and Adapt to Win)? I won the Passion with a Purpose Core Value award, which acknowledges people who love what they do and constantly try to help others see why they love it. It was very surprising to be the first person to win one. They introduced the awards at our company-wide Sales Kick off/Quarterly Meeting, and then my name got called. It took me a second for it to really hit and for me to walk up to receive the award. It was awesome to be recognized for just being me and doing what I do, and to have the company let me know I am an important part of what makes them successful. Not enough companies do that and it is really affirming and positive. 3.)  Why do you do what you do? What was your path to get here? I work as a Solutions Engineer because I truly love showing people how their processes in Salesforce can be enhanced by our products. I love the idea of teaching people about our suite of solutions and how they can make life sooooooo much easier inside of a system they use every day. I used to be a very swiss army knife type of individual. I would do anything from Customer Success and Quality Assurance to Solution Engineering and Services Implementations. I was very lucky to be given a chance to work on ActionGrid when it was in development. 4.)  What makes your day? I really like it when I am able to help someone more deeply understand a problem and the way to work around it and fix it. When I can see/hear the lightbulb go on in someone’s head, I cannot help but smile. 5.)  What's the most challenging work experience you've ever had? How about one of the best or most satisfying? Right when I started at Conga, I was asked to go to Midwest Dreaming, a Chicago based Salesforce user group conference. One of the events that takes place there is a Demo Jam, a three-minute demo of your product. Three minutes is not very long and it was very stressful to make sure everything was covered and that I was still connecting with the crowd. Strangely enough, I think that was also one of the most satisfying experiences, as it made it easier to interact with large groups of people going forward and allowed me to be more open and friendly at customer events! 6.) What are you most proud of in the work you've done at Conga? [caption id="attachment_2406" align="alignright" width="300"] Hagan (far right) among a team of Conga superheros at Connect Orlando[/caption] I am most proud to be able to work with so many supportive and intelligent people. One of my favorite things is cross-team collaboration. I am able to do this at Conga and it makes me very proud that I work for a company that is open to collaboration between teams instead of one that puts up walls and compartmentalizes functions. I think this is part of the reason that Conga is so innovative. 7.) What do you do when you aren’t working for Conga? I am an avid lover of board games. I have a very large collection, around 300 or so. I also like to teach people games and run events at a local shop near where I live. I am very passionate about the communities I participate in outside of work and like to make sure I support them as much as possible. I am also the co-owner/manager of a nerdy blog site. 6.)  If you could tell everyone one thing about Conga, what would it be? I know I will never work for another company that is as unique and awesome as this one. Anyone would be very lucky to work here.  


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