See how one sales rep doubled the leads he can work in a day


April 14, 2017

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Does your sales team spend more time updating Salesforce than selling? The answer is probably yes! The average sales rep spends almost 4 hours per week updating his CRM – wasting more time than on coffee breaks, Facebook, Twitter and all other time-wasters combined. Hear directly from two of our sales reps about how ActionGrid helped them meet their quota: Double Sales Productivity “ActionGrid really makes your day and activity much more efficient. We’re typically working 750 leads per week. That’s 100% doable through ActionGrid. Without ActionGrid, we’d probably be looking at half that amount.” See how Chad Hamel, SDR uses ActionGrid to double the amount of leads he can work in Salesforce. No Missed Opportunities  “With ActionGrid, I’ve got a really good snapshot of everything I’m working on so nothing gets lost. It’s a much easier way to keep my focus on what I’m working on, and I’m not dropping the ball.” See how Kirsten Hendricks, an Account Executive, changed her view of Salesforce as a cumbersome, annoying system to one that enabled her to be a better sales rep. Contact us for a custom demo and see how ActionGrid can help your sales team spend more time selling!


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