How sales teams can solve the doc gen problem


May 25, 2017

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The Empowered Customer Today’s customer is empowered by technology, and has taken the reins in the sales process. If you're in sales, you probably see this every day. Informed and connected, the customer often has done a good amount of research into what’s available on the market, and compared your product with those of your competitors, before they ever call you. Sales people are expected to be available at any time to provide an immediate, direct and tailored response to prospects. Spending valuable hours on anything other than core selling activities is no longer an option for sales teams striving to meet this demand. That's why today, sales teams need to maximize time spent on core selling activities, especially engaging directly with the customer. Sales enablement –through tools and processes that maximize efficiency and productivity—is an essential ingredient in making successful sales organizations. What sales people are really doing with their time At the same time that it’s more critical than ever for sales teams to focus on selling, reps spend a lot of time – more than half of their time – doing things other than their primary work. Not all of it involves goofing off. A large chunk of the “time-not-selling” is doled out in manual, administrative tasks. The document problem A common time sink for sales teams is creating documents: proposals, quotes, invoices, contracts. Manual document creation has numerous pitfalls, not the least of which is spending time on something other than selling. Solution: document generation Our eBook, Solving your document problem, defines the specific problems that manual document creation causes for sales teams. It also covers:

  • Pain points in the sales cycle caused by manual document creation -- and how to easily address them
  • What an end-to-end sales process looks like, making best use of your CRM data
  • How Dimelo, a B2B SaaS company, solved for quote and price book inconsistencies

Download the complete eBook here.


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