Release roundup: get the inside scoop on the June 2020 product features release

Kelli Blystone

June 18, 2020

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Our June product features release is now live and in action! We’re aiming to make all of the products in our Digital Document Transformation suite better together—before, during, and beyond the hectic and uncertain times we’ve experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this release, the entire product suite was updated! With 18 features across eight products, we kept our customers top of mind, enhancing the solutions they use to manage and improve their document, contract, and sign processes, and how they analyze information to accelerate their business. During this release, we do not expect any downtime of our Conga applications.

We're also excited to announce our brand new Release Center, where you can watch feature videos that highlight product enhancements, and learn about all of the individual features all in one place.

Let’s dive into the specific product features we’re most looking forward to in this release.

Spotlight features

Conga Composer

  • Composer Advanced Features (all require updated order form)
    • Document notifications: Receive email notifications and immediate insight to accelerate sales cycles and business processes.
    • Document tracking and reporting: Accelerate deal opportunities with better pipeline engagement for consistent, recurring prospect and customer conversations.
    • Send via link: Attachment sizes for outbound/inbound emails are no longer a concern, as Composer maximum file size of 40MB can now easily be delivered via unique URL.

Conga Contracts

  • API External Data Fields: These new robust system fields allow you to easily submit requests with special data from external databases. 

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

  • Clause Approvals: Clause Level Approvals for Conga Contracts for Salesforce gives you the ability to create an approval request process where you can assign approvers and create approval steps at the clause level. After your approval requests are completed, you can also easily keep track of them and view all changes using the Approval Requests and View History records related lists.  


  • Composer Integration Parameters: New Composer parameters are available to enhance and customize Conga Sign-integrated Composer solutions with designated recipient languages, SMS authentication, and In-Person Signing functionality.  

AI Analyze

  • Custom Clause Types: You can now create Custom Clause types for your Blueprints in the new Clause Management section of AI Analyze. 


  • Lightning Components in the Reading Pane: Use custom or managed Lightning Components in a Conga Grid's Reading Pane to provide users access to all the tools and data they need in one spot.


  • Create from LucidChart: Upload existing LucidChart diagrams into Conga Orchestrate to transform them into robust processes in Salesforce. 

Don't forget there are 18 total new features! Get started with one or more based on your Conga product package.

Additional resources

As always, we’ve created several resources to help you get to know the new enhancements in the product features release. Learn more about each from the following resources:

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