Reflecting on Reimagine 2020

Kelli Blystone

July 22, 2020

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Last week, we hosted our first entirely virtual event as the all-new Conga! After combining Apttus and Conga back in early May, we began planning for what was originally the Apttus user conference. We knew this would be a great opportunity to (digitally!) meet customers from both of the original companies, and begin to show how we will be better together moving forward—with an even more complete solution set than ever before.

And it turns out, our customers were eager to learn more about our new combined company! We were absolutely blown away by the response to this event. Over 2,000 people registered for Reimagine, where we presented six keynote sessions, 50 breakout sessions, and three interactive customer convo sessions. Attendees were able to move through our online platform to view sessions at their convenience, and within the expo they could view product demos, schedule one-on-one sessions with experts at our solution stations, and learn more about and chat with our partners and sponsors in their booths. 

The breakout sessions were split into four major tracks, so attendees could filter through the 50 sessions based on their focus area(s):

  • Contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • Configure-price-quote (CPQ)
  • Digital documents, with sessions focused on digitizing and automating essential documents
  • Business trends, with sessions covering trends and solutions for digital transformation

We know conferences are a great place to network, and while we couldn’t connect in person, Reimagine featured an online networking lounge where attendees could join a group chat, or connect individually with other attendees. We kept a great conversation going all day, with attendees and Conga team members reflecting on sessions they attended and enjoyed, and sharing recommendations for the rest of the group.

Inspiring keynotes

Remember those six keynote sessions we mentioned above? We had an incredible lineup of speakers, covering a wide range of relevant and helpful topics. Here’s a few highlights from each:

Conga + Apttus: What it means to be better together
Frank Holland, Conga CEO

Frank kicked off the event with his keynote session. He covered how the all-new Conga plans to work together with our customers in order to meet them wherever they are on their digital transformation journey. “We'll grow WITH you,” he emphasized. “Because we exist to help you accelerate your business and transform your customers’ experience.”

You’ve got a friend in me: Conga’s promise to your business
Chris Bishop, Conga Chief Customer Officer

In Chris’ keynote, he shared more about Conga’s commitment to our customers, and insight into how we’re working to integrate global teams to ensure that customer experience remains a key focus.

Chris also shared research from our State of Digital Document Transformation report, highlighting how organizations believe creating a solid customer experience through the transformation of their documents is crucial to their success. 

The future of Conga: product innovations that will transform your business
Eric Carrasquilla, Conga SVP of Product

In Eric’s keynote, he previewed the innovations our all-new company has planned to help companies maximize business outcomes. He shared how Conga’s vision and mission tie into future product direction, and reflected back at some of the latest and greatest releases from both Apttus and Conga. 

Eric explained Conga’s goal to make our customers business-agile so they can move at the speed of their customers. "How can we remove screens, remove clicks, and understand how to get customers from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time?"

Reimagining work with Salesforce and Conga
Frank Holland and Woodson Martin, EVP and GM at Salesforce AppExchange

Frank sat down with Woodson Martin, EVP and GM at Salesforce AppExchange, to discuss how Salesforce is reimagining work in our new normal: an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.

"How do we move beyond crisis mode, safely?" Woodson asked. "Every customer is asking: How are we going to grow? How are we going to return to growth and thrive in a new normal?"

Frank and Woodson discussed how expectations for our relationships changed overnight in the face of the coronavirus pandemic—companies now have new levels of responsibilities for both employees and customers. Woodson shared a first look at, the latest initiative from Salesforce that will serve as a resource to companies as they being to reopen and move forward in the new normal.

A fireside chat with Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas, Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion gymnast, joined Reimagine to share her lifelong journey of achieving excellence. Gabby sat down with Sarah Bennett, Conga’s VP of Global Sales Operations, to discuss how she’s always put forth her best self to produce her best work—and whether it was competing for Gold in the Olympics or launching her career as an entrepreneur, the size of the stage never phased her. 

“You have to actually believe in what you say,” she advised. “Focus on positive, beneficial statements to flip the perspective.” Gabby also shared her top tip for success: “Never limit yourself based on others’ limited expectations.” Wise words that our own agents of change should take to heart!

Now more than ever we must lead with equality
Tony Prophet, Salesforce Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer 

In his keynote, Tony shared the Salesforce initiative to build a workplace that reflects society. shows the strategies they're employing to make that happen, including a transparent look at their diversity data.

"We’re not close to the finish line," Tony said. "The data shows we have a lot of work to do."

After sharing the actions Conga is taking to create a system of accountability within our organization, Frank invited Tony to speak at Reimagine to share his expert advice and experience in leading this kind of initiative.

Keep learning

We know the online conference experience just isn’t quite the same as the live, in-person deal. We miss seeing all of your faces in real life! But want to know the best perk of a digital conference? The content lives on! 

You can access all of the content—including keynotes, breakout sessions, and the content within the resource library—from now until October 2020! Keep the learning going and view sessions you may have missed the day of the event, or go back to take more detailed notes on the sessions you loved last week! 

We’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who attended Reimagine, and to all of our team members, sponsors, and partners who helped to make it a success. Hopefully we’ll be able to return to our live events in 2021—for now, we’re looking forward to Reimagining work with our friends in EMEA this September for our next virtual conference! Stay tuned for more details on that event.

Kelli Blystone

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