Q & A with Evolve IP: How to choose an automation solution to improve process efficiency

Kelli Blystone

June 08, 2018

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One of the world’s fastest growing cloud strategy companies, Evolve IP provides best-of-breed cloud solutions to more than 410,000 users in over 1,500 enterprises across the globe. In order to maintain efficiency in the face of rapid growth, Evolve IP understood it needed to prioritize its employees’ needs by removing manual processes and workflows. We sat down with Delinda Tinkey, Sr. Sales and Marketing Automation Manager, to learn more about how Evolve IP chose Conga to make the digital transformation to ensure maximum productivity.

What are your specific business needs, and how did you identify them?

As a fast-growing, dynamic company, Evolve IP focuses on process improvement in order to scale for future growth. Our contract process was managed well, but we knew there was room to automate for increased efficiency, particularly as we expand internationally. We identified a bottleneck and saw an opportunity for Conga to address it quickly, rather than trying to custom-build our own solution.

What was your highest priority in selecting a digital transformation solution?

Our priority was to find a solution that would successfully automate contract generation and signature. We ultimately chose Conga because we had an existing successful relationship, and an understanding that most other options in the market were more complex than what we needed. Conga’s redlining and change-tracking features were an added bonus!

What benefits do you anticipate Conga will provide?

We look forward to leveraging Conga’s ability to simplify complicated workflows using the functionality in Salesforce and Conga that we are already familiar with and understand. We also know we can expect continued product development and outstanding support.

What advice can you provide to other customers on how to make the business case for a new automated solution in order to gain stakeholder support?

I suggest casting the vision of how business could function in an ideal environment and then introduce automation as the solution to get from A to B. It’s often not about a specific bell or whistle, but rather how you want to take the journey to improvement. When your resources are strapped and you’ve plateaued in efficiency, you either:

  1. Stop improving
  2. Invest time, money and expertise into reinventing the wheel
  3. Partner with someone who has already done it—which do you think your competitors are doing?

Join our customer spotlight interview on June 21 to hear more from Delinda on how Evolve IP is using automation to improve workflow efficiencies. We will be hosting webinars to accommodate for all time zones! Click here to register for 9 am MST or here to register for 4 pm MST.   Delinda Tinkey is a marketing tech and CRM manager who drives automation through the entire sales funnel from lead generation to client engagement. She has administered Conga solutions for almost five years as part of Evolve IP’s technology stack. Delinda holds certifications as an Advanced Salesforce Administrator and Marketo Expert.

Kelli Blystone

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