New year + Better data = More sales productivity


January 11, 2017

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With a new year come new opportunities – a chance to start fresh, take a look in the mirror, and evaluate old habits to decide what needs to change.


This applies to how your company does business, as well.  At the beginning of 2017 (and the beginning of fiscal year 2018, for some), why not take another look at your habits and assumptions? What is slowing your company down, where are losses occurring, are there places that clarity is lacking?

Nowhere is this more important than looking at your sales processes. The pace of business is accelerating, sales cycles are moving more quickly, and inefficiencies in the sales process can cost your company its competitive edge. To gain insight into sales – and into your pipeline in real time – you need a well-defined sales process. And you need efficient access to deep sales data.

With Conga’s newest whitepaper, Increase sales productivity and insight with streamlined data, you can learn how to make your sales organization thrive in the new year.

Specific topics include how to:

  • Establish a sales process based on measurable milestones
  • Leverage data to create a sales process that maximizes productivity
  • Move deals forward with data
  • Prioritize sales activities with data to drive better sales behavior
  • Drastically reduce data housekeeping, focusing sales on core selling

Download the whitepaper today to give your sales process – and Salesforce data – a new lease on life.


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