Your guide to Reimagine 2020, a virtual conference

Kelli Blystone

July 02, 2020

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We’re getting ready to host our first event as the all-new Conga, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our user conference, Reimagine, is coming to a screen near you on July 15, 2020. This is a free event, but registration is still required to gain access to the hosting platform and conference content.

With COVID-19-related restrictions still in place and many of us continuing to work remotely, Reimagine will be a completely virtual event. That means guest speaker presentations, breakout sessions, product demos, and even networking will all take place virtually through an online platform. And while we know part of the fun of attending a conference is the potential to travel to a new place and the ability to interact with new people, we promise you’ll enjoy the content we’re creating for Reimagine, as well as plenty of the other features you love about Conga events! 

But because the virtual conference is still a fairly new concept for most of us, we want to share some tips and guidance to help you make the most out of your Reimagine experience, as well as an overview of what to expect on July 15th. 

General tips for virtual conferences

Since events look a little different these days, we pulled together some tips to help you maximize your Reimagine experience.

Block your calendar

Even though you’re not paying for a pass to attend Reimagine, you’ll still get the most out of the event as an active attendee the day-of the event. Block your calendar like you would if you were traveling or attending an in-person conference—you wouldn’t attend meetings with your coworkers or take calls at a live event, so why would you do so during a virtual event? Block out the hours of the conference on your calendar to ensure minimal interruptions.

Truly engage

Like we mentioned before, a major draw for conferences and events is the opportunity to network and engage with speakers and attendees throughout the event. At a virtual event, you may not be able to physically shake hands and exchange business cards, but there are still plenty of opportunities to engage.

Use the chat function to reach out to Conga team members with questions, book one-on-one time at our Solution Stations to work on specific use cases with Conga experts, and Reimagine will also feature a networking chat room where you can meet and connect with other attendees. You can also follow the event hashtag, #Reimagine2020, on social media to keep up with conversations happening around the event.

Minimize distractions

As those of us who have been working from home for the past four month know, remote situations open the door to a unique set of distractions. From children and pets to household chores and other distractions that aren’t typically an issue when working from an office setting, staying focused on a remote meeting or conference can be challenging. 

During the conference, try to reduce distractions as much as possible. Turn off notifications, set your status as away, keep your calendar blocked (see tip number one), and minimize all other windows and work on your computer so you can stay completely tuned in to the content at hand. 

What to know before you log in

We’re going to have an amazing day, and to ensure you’re prepared before you check in to the platform, we recommend taking these actions:

  • Book your one-on-one meeting with a Conga technical expert. Our Solution Stations are historically the most popular parts of Connect, so be sure to get your time on the books!
  • Make time for the keynote sessions. While all of the breakout sessions are available at any time throughout the hours of the conference, the keynote sessions will only be available during their scheduled times, so plan accordingly! Keynotes begin at 9 AM PDT, and end at 11 AM when the expo opens. We are also offering replays of the keynotes in the afternoon from 3 - 5 PM. 

    If you absolutely cannot attend the keynotes during their scheduled times, you will be able to view them on-demand within the platform beginning July 16 through October 2020. See a full list of the keynote sessions and start planning your agenda!
  • Join the LinkedIn event page for Reimagine. Be sure to follow our event page on LinkedIn for updates throughout the conference, and to network with your new connections

On the Reimagine stage

We’re welcoming an exciting lineup to the Reimagine “stage,” where our guest speakers will share their inspiring stories, expert advice, and best practices.

Gabby Douglas
Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion gymnast

We’re thrilled to invite Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion gymnast, Gabby Douglas, to our virtual stage! In addition to her Olympic and World Championship medals, Gabby holds accolades including the 2012 Associated Press “Female Athlete of the Year” award, a spot on Barbara Walters’ list of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2012,” and is the only All-Around Olympic Gold medal gymnast, in US history, to return to a second Olympics. Gabby will help us kick off the day with an inspirational fireside chat that you won’t want to miss.

When: 10:20-10:40 AM PDT

Tony Prophet
Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer at Salesforce

We’re very excited to welcome Tony Prophet to our virtual stage! Tony is the Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer at Salesforce. In his role, he guides global recruiting programs fostering an inclusive lens at every step and works to build a workplace that reflects the diverse communities it serves while furthering Equality for all. His team also leads the Ethical & Humane Use of Technology initiative to ensure Salesforce technology not only drives the success of its customers, but also drives positive social change and improves the lives of people around the world. We’re looking forward to Tony’s inspiring presentation!

When: 10:40 -  11:00 AM PDT  

On the agenda

How will the breakout sessions work at Reimagine?

Following the morning keynotes, attendees will be able to attend breakout sessions in four major topic tracks: Business Trends, CLM, CPQ, and Digital Documents. These TED Talk-inspired sessions are twenty minutes long, and designed to help you gain insights and build your knowledge in each specific area.

Reimagine breakout sessions are on-demand, which means you can attend any session at any point during the conference! Build your agenda to best fit your needs. What’s more, all breakout sessions will also be available through the event platform through October 2020, so you can revisit content for months after the event.

You can find a full list of the breakout sessions on the agenda page.

Learn with your peers in our Customer Convos

We’re offering three focused group discussions to help you share learnings and personal successes with other attendees. Choose the Customer Convo that matches your focus to deepen your understanding and drive success, or attend all three! Space is limited in these sessions, so be sure to request your spot during registration!

Measuring your CLM Success and Maturity
This group discussion will explore CLM metrics and key performance indicators to track and define success. Share and learn from your peers about which KPIs help drive which business objectives as you progress your legal operations processes through a maturity curve. From fundamentals of gaining visibility and control of contracting to use of standardized language, risk analysis and AI, this interactive session will review paths to measuring success for buy-side or sell-side legal teams.
When: 11:00 - 11:30 AM PDT

Creating Customer Centric Proposals and Quotes
Creating offers that win means creating offers that your customers can readily understand and clearly address their needs. The peer-to-peer discussion will center on common pitfalls to success in proposals and quoting and how to avoid them.
When: 1:30-2:00 PM PDT

Adoption and Change Management Best Practices
Join this group discussion focused on varying approaches to drive successful deployments.  Hear from others’ lessons learned and how to create the right mix of process mapping, training, champions, and communications needed for change management across organizations.
When: 2:00-2:30 PM PDT

Exclusive discount for legacy Apttus customers

All Reimagine registrants will receive a 25% discount for virtual training sessions with Education Services. These training sessions will not take place during the conference—you will receive a discount code in your registration confirmation email along with valid enrollment dates. Find the eligible course offerings here, and reach out to [email protected] with any specific questions.


Ready to Reimagine?

Join us on July 15th as we explore innovative ways to ensure your business is equipped to work at the speed of your customers, no matter what tomorrow holds. Register now for free!

Kelli Blystone

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