Global Service Jam: innovating for customer success

Kelli Blystone

May 16, 2019

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I recently took part in the Global Service Jam, an annual, worldwide event that takes place over a weekend and brings together participants from a variety of industries, experiences, and disciplines. One could say it’s a kind of 48-hour social innovation ‘service hackathon.’ Teams across 100 cities are given a broad theme, around which they brainstorm and come up with a challenge statement, develop initial concepts, ideate, prototype, and then test a new service solution. The event is mentored by professional service designers who support teams with advice on frameworks and research methodologies.

Groups working at Global Service Jam
There is no right or wrong, there are no winners. Prototypes were created and presented using Playmobil, cardboard boxes, or acted out. It involves a lot of fun and the number of post-its around the place made the place more colourful than your average birthday party.

Post-it notes at Global Service Jam
Most people still haven’t heard of the practice of service design, but perhaps they’ve heard of its tools and methods, such as customer journey maps, personas or the Double Diamond structure (Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver).
Events like these are a good exercise in challenging assumptions, learning to test and fail and test again until it’s truly customer- or human-centric. I believe this is an important mindset to hone as part of customer success to ensure we’re truly putting the customer first.

As part of Conga’s continued efforts to provide five-star value, we make every decision—and focus every interaction—with the customer in mind. Attending events like the Global Service Jam provides a unique training experience for our teams, helping us to strengthen our customer-centric approach. As a member of our new customer success team in the DACH region, I was thrilled about this opportunity to challenge myself to innovate on behalf of the customer.

Sofia Reimchen is a Customer Success Manager for Conga’s DACH region.

Kelli Blystone

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