Getting your data into Conga Novatus – the easy way


April 07, 2017

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Your contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution may work like a dream, making your life easier and your contract processes flawless. But getting your contract metadata into your CLM is another story. Say that your company keeps extensive records and contracts, and you need to mass create contract records. Metadata has to be entered piece by piece, and laborious, complex technical imports are not your favorite way to spend a work day – or even two. Besides, you have other things on your plate that have to get done.

Enter Conga Novatus’ Bulk Data Upload Tool.

Now you can automate the data upload process, bringing data that’s stored in an Excel file into your Novatus solution. The tool allows you to simultaneously upload up to 10,000 companies, contracts, and dynamic forms into Novatus using a template, and it can be used to create company, contract and dynamic form profiles. [caption id="attachment_2590" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Conga Novatus' new Bulk Upload Tool allows you to upload your contract meta data from an Excel file.[/caption] With the Bulk Data Upload Tool, you can move data that’s living in spreadsheets into a more secure environment in Conga Novatus. Once the information is in Novatus, it becomes more transparent and accessible: you can perform more detailed searches of that information, and utilize Novatus’ analytics capabilities to gain better insight. [caption id="attachment_2592" align="alignnone" width="1024"] After you add your Excel template, you then map the fields back to Novatus. If there are any errors after hitting save, the system will notify you.[/caption]

Here are a few scenarios where the Bulk Data Upload Tool would be particularly useful:

If you’re an existing customer, you might have a large number of contracts that need to be imported  due to a recent acquisition or merger. The Bulk Data Upload tool would allow you to batch add that information at one time, saving you time and money. In the case of a new Novatus implementation, a large number of companies, contracts and dynamic forms can be uploaded to the system at one time. Another case would be one where your company is transitioning from another CLM into Novatus. You could export all relevant data from your old platform, then use the batch import functionality to upload contract metadata into Novatus. Bulk data upload is available in beta now with Novatus release 7.2. To learn more, contact us at 303-465-1616.


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