Get to know the Conga Summer '19 Release

Kelli Blystone

August 09, 2019
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It’s officially the dog days of summer, but don’t sweat it—our latest features and enhancements are geared to make your user experience easier and more efficient! 

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to see in the Conga Summer ‘19 Release:

Digital Documents

With Conga Composer, building fully customized, personalized documents is a breeze and now, Salesforce Community Cloud licensed users have the ability to generate beautiful, professional documents with a single click. This feature enables you to conduct business with your partners and customers more efficiently with a friendly experience.

Effortless eSignature

Conga Sign is your solution for modern electronic signature built for Salesforce. In this release, you now have the ability to execute a signature in person. Not only is this enhancement an easy way to sign, it will also help you close deals faster by reducing the risk of additional negotiations. In-person Sign can also help you generate business on the tradeshow floor or your next event! Watch it in action here.

Intelligent Contracts 

Conga Contracts for Salesforce gives users a new way to negotiate: compare clauses, execute seamlessly, and true-up all. One of the first things you’ll notice is a streamlined negotiation process and the ability to compare clauses side-by-side instead of having to go back and forth. Our True-Up all feature has been streamlined as well and now you can true-up all your changes with one click.

On August 24, Conga Contracts users will notice a sleek, modern user interface for the Clause Library, System Settings, and Global Messaging pages. This enhancement gives you immediate access to the most important contract language in a user-friendly experience and allows admins to more efficiently manage the system. 

One final feature for Conga Contracts users is the ability to re-assign Conga Sign eSignature packages—eliminating the need to start over. This new streamlined process results in a better send experience!

Automated workflows

Orchestrate introduces the Clause Bundle Step Type to help you cut down on the tedious process of adding repeated clauses while building a workflow where you have the same conditions. The Bundle Step Type simplifies the workflow setup and reduces errors in template creation. 

Conga Grid is your solution to manage and update Salesforce data easily, all from a single screen. In this release, you now have the option to change the font size of your Grid and customize Action Buttons to best suit your needs. 

We hope these features will take the heat off of your document processes, and allow you to relax as the summer comes to a close. For additional resources on this release, you can review the Release Guide, or watch our Release webinar, where product managers will demo some of the new enhancements. 

Kelli Blystone

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